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    [Request] Expiredate of domain

    By an whois lookup it is possible to get the expiredate of some domain. It would be nice to show this information in DA by the domains. This could be in some daily cron. Jordi van Nistelrooij
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    [Request] Expiredate for useraccount and reseller account

    I use directadmin in an commercial way. The expiredates of domains gets adminstrated by the domainregister company. But for the hosting part i have to store it in some excel sheet or db. It would be nice to do this in directadmin. Suggestion: - Per user and reseller editable field for setting...
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    MySql compile vs package

    Hi All, It see the option in CB(2.1) "mysql_force_compile". Does setting this reinstall mysql? How does this effect my current databases? Does it run faster/better? Someone expirience? Thanks in Advance Jordi
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    Auto learn from users folders

    Hi All, I created an small bash script to teach the bayes of all the users. Script for teaching SA Bayes on an directadmin server. It loops thru every user => domain => mailbox => mailfolder...
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    bug: wrong scaling frames

    Some popup/notification frames don't scale right on mobile/small screens
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    one click login => Target=_blank

    When using the onclick login options (phpmyadmin & roundcube) the link is loaded in the active window. It would be nicer to add target=_blank, then the user keeps its panel window.
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    Lets Encrypt for Hostname not resolving

    Hi All, I get the follow error: $ ./ request_single 4096 Setting up certificate for a hostname: Requesting new certificate order... Processing authorization for Waiting for domain verification... Trying...
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    User not Tallyed with Tally All

    Hi All, I have something odd. One of the users is not Tally with the datasq run (the one every night). But when i add the manually to the datataks its updated. I lookup the system.log (/var/log/directadmin/..) and saw that the user is missing in the nightly tally. [13:25|#############|...
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    Letsencrypt dns errors

    Hi Guys, I used letsencrypt for a few years without problems. But know (with the new dns challage) i get lots of errors on de renews. It seems like the dns resolve doesn't work. Looking in the it uses the google dns. But with dig of nslookup the domain does resolve fine...
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    Default domain setup with ssl and letsencrypte

    Hi all, Running da for an few years now, I'm adding extra's to be more exclusive to my customers. One of these extras is enabling autodiscover by default. This is done by adding a view files in /usr/local/directadmin/data/templates/default/ and adding some dns records. autodiscover works only...
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    Deblock page on port 2222

    I was wondering if anyone could give my an direction. I would like an possibility to let guests deblock an ip from the ip_blacklist file in /usr/local/directadmin/data/admin created with the BFM/CFS. Ofcourse this must be limited and secured with recapta. I would like to publish an page on port...