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    custom build getpwuid error

    Hello, i can install my env. in custombuild i have error: getpwuid error: clean install.. on Debian 11.
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    /var/spool/cron: No such file or directory

    Hello, I do not have the /var/spool and /var/spool/cron directory visible even though these directories exist and are visible from admin and root, and there are directories with my user name. I have cron permissions, but I cannot perform the installation of the module via magento. I get this...
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    phpmyadmin login, disable login to db via basic auth, is is possible?

    Hello, Is it possible to enable a way of logging into the database but through phpmyadmin? I can only log in via BASIC AUTH. I Is it possible to disable this option and enable phpmyadmin login? Regards,
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    Limit transfer on no limit account admin - bug

    Hello, I have this problem. On every fresh isntalation it detects me that the main account has 1000 transfer limit. In the settings I have no limit. I set it to 0 meaning no limit and created a domain, but after a few hours my admin account was blocked. Now I get a message that I cannot...
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    Can not compile LSPHP from 5.4 to 7.3 - Global Error? multiple definition errors

    Hi. There is probably a global glitch from litespeed? Installation process of LSPHP 7.3 in a clean environment. log: (no problem with 7.4 or 8.0, only old php versions) Logs from lvemanager: Warning: Undefined array key "attachments" in...
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    Backup problem cron

    Hello, Can anybody help me help? I want to keep copies of the past two weeks. The backup is performed once on Sundays and is to be on the disk for the last two weeks. Can't use bash to delete script. The copy is to be overwritten. Regards
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    removed ccx
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    Option All not allowed here

    Hello guys, Could you help me with this? I tried 1000 solutions and everything doesnt work... When I made new changes I have another error with "Option All now alowed here" Directory home is default for my vhosts. Error: Option All not allowed here, referer: (LINK) CORE ALERT...
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    Php error - custombuild/php-5.4.45/ext/pcre/pcrelib/pcre.h

    Hello guys, Today I'm trying to install DirectAdmin. I have all the components (installed by guide directadmin installation) The solutions I found every one to install yum install pcre-devel but I did !! While it is installing: OS: Centos 7
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    How to migrate only DB from DA [separate]

    Good moring, I would like to ask you about possbility to make separate servers for DATABASE and DA. I would like to connect DirectAdmin to a database on a different server with a different IP address. Is there such a possibility? I want to make that because I want to save space, i dont have...