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    If suspended by admin then deny reseller to terminate and recreate that domain

    Hello, If account is suspended by admin then do not allow reseller to terminate and recreate that account. I think currently DirectAdmin only deny reseller to unsuspend account but we need feature like. - Reseller cannot unsuspend account which is suspended by admin. (lock option) - Reseller...
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    [Poll] Do you like PreMadeKB Inbuilt Knowledgebase for DirectAdmin? (Screenshot attached)

    Hello, I am thinking about integrating my Knowledgebase articles via Plugin in DirectAdmin in two method. 1. Text+Images tutorial - 2. Video tutorial. (Later) It will be useful for your customer? Thanks.
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    Improve WHMCS Module & LetsEncrypt Automatic renewal

    Hello, WHMCS Module issue: Module shows success message even if directadmin server is down or not connecting with directadmin. For example I click on "Change Password" or any other command and it shows "Module Command Success" but it should show error that module is unable to connect to server...
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    Which is most used layout/theme by users or hosting providers?

    Hello, I need to know that which layout/theme is used by you? If you are using default theme then especially which Layout you are using? (Standard/Sidebar/Icons Grid?) Thanks.
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    Allow to add custom reason while suspending account?

    Hello, Please add option to add any custom reason instead of selecting pre-defined drop-down menu. Sometimes we need to add exact reason like why account is suspended, Eg: suspended for TOS Violation - Violated xyz.. Thanks.
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    Create backup of account via command line?

    Hello, I want to create backup of individual account via command line but it seems this tutorial is bit outdated for newest version of directadmin. It create backup but left files. Any command to create backup of account like we create it from GUI mode which simply create user.tar like...
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    Please add Quarterly/Annually DA license

    Hello, Currently DA have monthly license only but I think many of us want to purchase it for long term. :cool: Like Dedicated Server License, VPS, etc License - Annually, biennial license. Thanks.
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    Upgrade DirectAdmin via command without ClientID/License ID?

    Hello, Any possible way to upgrade DirectAdmin via command like "directadmin upgrade --force" without entering Client ID and License ID ? Thanks.
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    Get Reseller Username List via command?

    Hello, We managed to find how to get all userlist via command: ls /usr/local/directadmin/data/users However, We only want to get list of Reseller users via SSH command. (Not from Admin control panel) Thanks.
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    Backup/Restore - Progress inside DirectAdmin?

    Hello, It will be really good for DA users If you will add progress of backup/restore. Especially for Restore so we can check it from DA panel. Thanks.
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    DA Plugin developer - Show Reseller Accounts in cPanel style & Master Reseller

    Hello, I am looking for DA plugin developer. 1. I need page or plugin for Evolution theme which show reseller accounts with their attached accounts like this in one page(without navigation button or limits per page). Reseller A user1 user2 user3 Reseller B user1 user2 user3 2. Master...
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    Evolution+Tradtional - Make it lightweight, Less JS Files, Remove preloader

    Hello, Evolution theme look so good, I really appropriate work of developer/designer and also thanks to DA team for building control panel like DA. Currently If your internet speed is slow and you click on any link, It will look like nothing is happening. You will click on it again unless it...
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    Change "PHP Mode"FPM without rebuilding whole PHP?

    Hello, Is there anyway which can change PHP mode without rebuilding whole PHP? When I change it from mod_php to FPM then it start rebuilding all PHP Versions. Thanks.
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    Easy access to Client Database management without login

    Hello, To change User database currently you need to login to client account > Go to Database Management > Select Database and change password. Please add option in Admin area so we can change password, rename db, etc., of any database from Admin area and don't need to follow long steps...
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    carootcert.pem removed now not regenerating by LetsEncrypt

    Hello, I removed carootcert.pem and other SSL files from conf file to fix SSL issue. But now when I use this commands then it does not recreate SSL files inside /usr/local/directadmin/conf/ Error while restarting directadmin: error loading certificate...
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    DirectAdmin Client Domain :2222 to SSL?

    Hello, Its possible to automatically add SSL using Lets Encrypt on client domain like or Thanks.
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    Login as Reseller - Allow to create Login Key & Change password without existing pass

    Login as Reseller - Allow to create Login Key & Change password without existing pass Hello, I am requesting for 2 features which can be very helpful for DA Administrators. 1. Allow Admin to create Login Keys for logged in Reseller account. (Currently I need to reset password, Login by...
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    Maybe Bug: FileManage - Compress & Download file does not add extension to file

    Hello, I use FileManager >> Compress & Download option and it save file without extension name. Currently DirectAdmin save it as: filename (No extension) But it should be saved as: filename.tar.gz or Thanks.
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    Unique or custom Icon for Plugins in DirectAdmin user panel

    Hello, I installed 3 to 4 plugins but each plugin have same default logo, It would be good If we can either set custom logo or default logo provided by plugin providers. Just assume that each icon have same logo then it will be difficult for customer to choose it quickly. Thanks.
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    Cpanel packages to directadmin packages convertor - bash script?

    Hello, We need to manually create Hundreds of packages which take lot of time. Only main time killer is manually creating packages because of directadmin conversion tool does not import packages. However I think its possible to convert packages by using bash script, I am not so good in this...