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  1. Wanabo

    execute some php files as php 7.3, default version is php 5.6

    This is bugging me for some time now. I have 4 php versions installed. (2 and 3 are actually obsolete) php1_release=5.6 php1_mode=php-fpm php2_release=7.1 php2_mode=php-fpm php3_release=7.2 php3_mode=php-fpm php4_release=7.3 php4_mode=php-fpm I haven an old script that does not work with php7...
  2. Wanabo

    Broken script since update libsodium

    Since I updated libsodium from 1.0.16 to 1.0.17 (with custom build) my script is broken. This script passes variables to the whois, but whois produces errors. An update to a newer version of did not fixed it. How do I revert back to libsodium 1.0.16? So I can...
  3. Wanabo

    SpamAssassin: Problem applying update

    Since a couple of days I noticed these mail messages: Cron <root@server> /usr/share/spamassassin/sa-update.cron 2>&1 | tee -a /var/log/sa-update.log Use of uninitialized value in regexp compilation at /usr/share/perl5/Mail/SpamAssassin/Plugin/ line 76, <DATA> line 717. config: failed...
  4. Wanabo

    [FR] add domain pointers for subdomains

    On page CMD_DOMAIN_POINTER? you can't add pointers for subdomains. Feature Request: Make a list with radio buttons to choose between main domain and available subdomains to create a pointer for.
  5. Wanabo

    Letsencrypt Wildcard Certificates Coming January 2018

    Full article: I hope DA will implement this as default. That would simplify things greatly!
  6. Wanabo

    Mail unjustly marked as SPAM because of PBL database

    I have a hobby home server which has a dynamical ip. Any system messages I mail to an email account hosted on 1 of my servers using DirectAdmin and SpamAssassin get marked as spam. :( I think SpamAssassin checks a wrong RBL. My public ip is in a so called PBL database which is NOT a blacklist...
  7. Wanabo

    Letsencrypt troubles

    Read and tried a lot but I can't figure it out. Letsencrypt won't let me renew a domain. This particular domain had letsencrypt ssl before, but I switched ssl off but now I need it again. Followed this post,
  8. Wanabo

    Group permissions wrong in imap folder

    I was unable to create maps in roundcube. Investigating this I discovered that the group permissions are wrong in folder /home/<user>/imap. Permissions were <user>:<user> By analyzing a second server I found that permissions should be <user>:mail I used chgrp -hR mail /home/<user>/imap/ to set...
  9. Wanabo

    Custom Build, FreeType upgrade downgrade available

    Just checked for upgrades with CB2.0. After upgrading "FreeType 2.6.5 update to 2.7 is available" there is a "FreeType 2.7.0 downgrade to 2.7 is available". What should I do to get rid of this message.
  10. Wanabo

    [Bug?] httpd-ssl.conf ServerName

    Found this in my httpd error_log: server certificate does NOT include an ID which matches the server name I don't have that as a domain! Started investigating and found that ServerName is set wrongly in various .conf files. Also...
  11. Wanabo

    How to remove custom mod-security install? (Want CB2.0 to handle it from now on)

    My server: CentOS 7, Apache/Nginx From now on I want CustomBuild 2.0 to handle my mod-security installation. But how do I remove my custom mod-security installation? I followed this tutorial:
  12. Wanabo

    Let’s Encrypt, how to delete a certificate

    Today I received a notification: This is correct because I let the domain expire. But to prevent future error notifications I revoked the certificate. ./ revoke 4096 Certificate has been successfully revoked. Does the revoke command prevent DA from renewing (and...
  13. Wanabo

    Why is nginx not listed in CMD_SYSTEM_INFO?

    I'm using nginx_apache setup. But when viewing CMD_SYSTEM_INFO as admin nginx and version is not shown in the list. Please add it to the CMD_SYSTEM_INFO overview page. It comes in handy testing software and adding your hosting setup details for troubleshooting. Apache 2.4.20 Running DirectAdmin...
  14. Wanabo

    Nginx-Apache and Google PageSpeed mod_pagespeed

    My server is running Nginx-Apache (./build nginx_apache) If I would use Google PageSpeed do I need to install Google PageSpeed mod_pagespeed for both, nginx and apache?
  15. Wanabo

    Automated certificate renewal has succeeded but expiration date is not updated

    My first domain with a letsencrypt generated certifcate has been successfully renewed according to a DirectAdmin message, but the expiration date in the real certificate is still the old one and not extended with 3 months. FYI the expiration date is 3 days away instead of 3 months. I expected...
  16. Wanabo

    [ClamAV] clamd on server is currently down, fresh install

    Just installed ClamAV with: ./build clamav Installation jibberish.... Restarting freshclam. Restarting clamd. Restarting exim. Done ClamAV. All seemed well, but shortly after install I received a DA message by mail: [root@host custombuild]# service clamd status Redirecting to /bin/systemctl...
  17. Wanabo

    Let’s Encrypt <Not Part Of Certificate>

    Very pleased with beta Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates in DA! :) Sites get a green site secure padlock. But when viewing the certificate not all entered information when creating a Let's Encrypt certificate in DA is present in the certificate. Organization (O) --> <Not Part Of Certificate>...
  18. Wanabo

    [solved] nginx segfault

    Case: In several versions of Internet Explorer I could not connect to a https url on my server. Chrome and Firefox worked ok. Spending several hours investigating I finally found this: SSL with SNI, and Safari generates a segfault in Nginx Well it is not Safari but I checked...
  19. Wanabo

    Removing DNS via DNS Administration does not work

    As the title says removing DNS via DNS Administration does not work. This is true for domains that have no Local Data or Local Mail on the server and pointing to an external server. In all other cases removing DNS seems to work ok if the domain is deleted by a DA user on the server. Error is on...
  20. Wanabo

    Bulk update Access Hosts when IP is changed

    Unfortunately my ip address changed. Now I have to manually edit Access Hosts for about 60 databases in DA.:( I searched for a bulk solution and thought I had found one in this post: Remote mySQL server and local host This UPDATE db SET Host='' WHERE Host='localhost' looked promising. I...