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    Host Email Only

    I have someone that wants to leave their website where it is but host only pop email with me, is that possible? If so how I would I do that?
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    First Site

    I think this is in the right forum, correct me if I'm wrong and I'll post it elsewhere. Very new user by the way... I've gotten to the point where I can type into my browser and get to the "Apache is functioning normally" message. I have created a reseller package in DA but...
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    httpd, Apache, and ProFTPd not starting

    I don't know what it was I did today but I can't access my DA panel remotely. I'm getting emails from DA warning me that httpd and proftpd are not started. The System Information page shows that Apache and ProFTPd are *** Stopped ***. When I try and start httpd I get an error that says...
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    New Instal Nameserver setup

    Hi, Thanks for the great product and the fast install Direct Admin has been a pleasure so far. Please be patient with me, I've been doing a lot of reading and searching through the forums and documentation but haven't found an answer. That said, I'm not very far along. I'm trying to follow the...
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    Direction Needed

    Setting up a server with CentOS, I have a Netgear firewall with the public IP address and server behind it. From the reading I've been doing this is wrong. I also haven't set up DNS servers (don't know how) and I don't know how to use/get permission to use others. I do have two IP Addresses...