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  1. dmacleo

    possible skin issue or custombuild plugin issue?

    nothing I can find for errors, just seems to time out. had admin settings at 600 like prior install on cent 7.x and happened while on the 7.x was not issue but I had older skin. changed times to 6000 and switched to older skin, this is building on a vps so is slower than on a real dedicated...
  2. dmacleo

    ionCube 0 update to 10.3.9 is available

    AHH I looked but missed that. thanks
  3. dmacleo

    DirectAdmin LAN - Can't bind address

    yeah I have outages almost every day lasting a few minutes to 30 minutes (which is why install here would be for testing stuff) and was wondering how that would affect me. guess I'll see LOL
  4. dmacleo

    DirectAdmin LAN - Can't bind address

    if router running any sort of dynamic dns update service on fast timings (or any pc/server on lan running a fast updating dyn dns client) does this still happen? alternatively is there a way to make the lic check run at slower timing? been wondering about using a spare lic on a VM here on lan...
  5. dmacleo

    ionCube 0 update to 10.3.9 is available

    only using 2 php versions, 7.4.2 php1 and 7.3.14 php2 and of course php-fpm used for both. fresh install of DA on CentOS Linux release 8.1.1911 (Core). ioncube install says it went ok but this is showing in gui still. have not yet tried ssh/cmd line build to see if corrects it.
  6. dmacleo

    possible skin issue or custombuild plugin issue?

    latest DA using the new skin on centos 8.xx (looks like older skin not an option) when building something using CB plugin system (session) times out causing build issues. build all always causes issues but longer build like recompilng php does too. never happened on old skin and my admin...
  7. dmacleo

    can't find change log for 1.571

    ok I may be completely overlooking it but cannot find change log. DISREGARD found it
  8. dmacleo

    no php selector in ANY skin

    reinstalled DA on vps twice to verify. also recompiled all php versions multiple times. been a few months since ran a DA server but didn't the domains (in section where choose http folder private or linked area) used to have a selector for primary and secondary php versions? php 1 and php 2...
  9. dmacleo

    transfer of license question

    is it possible to transfer a lifetime license to another licensed user? 2 yrs ago I setup a server for a charity and we bought a lifetime license, license is no longer (I am told) being used. so there is chance they would just transfer to me (I have my own lifetime one) but was wondering if...
  10. dmacleo

    have custom conf file section show domains actual php version usage as it stands when looking at custom httpd (nginx) custom conf file section it only shows the 2 php versions in order of what custombuild sets them. possibly could show what domain actually has as primary php version?
  11. dmacleo

    nginx 1.13.8 mainline

    how to get this added to custombuild? tried using version number but doesn't download.
  12. dmacleo

    can't build php 7.2

    as of yet unable to grab exact log showing why but in ssh shows this cc: Internal error: Killed (program cc1) Please submit a full bug report. See <> for instructions. make: *** [ext/fileinfo/libmagic/apprentice.lo] Error 1 and when doing through plugin then...
  13. dmacleo

    custom build plugin not visible in DA 1.52.0

    after update to DA 1.52.0 the CB plugin not visible (skin issue?) even after remove and reinstall tried multiple browsers including ones I had never accessed the url before with as well as deleting all cookies and temp files before posting this edit forgot to mention centos 7...for now...
  14. dmacleo

    possible to do more allowed php versions?

    heres the scenario, I have a script still maintained and built that requires php 5.4. I have sites running fine on php 5.6 I have sites ready to test on php 7 so to keep running I need 5.4,5.6 and 7 presently easyapache in cpanel allows (iirc) at least 4 php versions that can be applied to...
  15. dmacleo

    issue have seen for years with uploading database

    Upload a Database Backup (.gz) browse and select, click upload and on every browser get The connection to the server was reset while the page was loading. this has been issue for me for many versions and cent os 6 (and all .x versions, started with 6.0) and centos 7.x now. not sure where to look...
  16. dmacleo

    disable or raise the figure DA uses to generate system load warnings?

    what controls the trigger for the DA system load warning? I run ffmpeg so I am often very high load and would like to either raise the trigger level or disable this one warning but not able to see where its located. I didn't see it in directadmin.conf
  17. dmacleo

    [CB] enable php-devel

    sucks to have to have to (on centos) enable remi repo for moment to install php-devel to allow installing so we can run pecl install Imagick not sure how it could be handled with multiple php versions but at least tying it to first version would help
  18. dmacleo

    Error with system Quotas setquota: Mountpoint (or device) / not found or has no quota

    ok I cannot seem to fix this one like I had in past. looks to me like host using lvm. this is dedicated server running centos 6.7 with 2 1tb drives NON-raid. 2nd drive does not have partition yet for remaining space, left as is until I fix this. fstab: df -h cannot seem to find fix for this...
  19. dmacleo

    creating an email forwarder for the initial admin@ email address

    apologies if this is in wrong spot, its not really a problem or anything. I know it was posted before but I cannot seem to find it now. How can I create a forwarder for the email address created during installation? I mean the email address that is admin@machine_name_domain_name.tld such as...
  20. dmacleo

    user (working domains) shows in admin list but not in reseller list

    tried this set of directions but cmd gives me error -bash: ./ /bin/sh: bad interpreter: No such file or directory I restored 6 or so users yesterday to reseller and only one not showing.