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    Redundant Requests To Fetch /assets/img/icons.svg

    During loading the main page, evolution will request /assets/img/icons.svg many times which looks unnecessary and can visibly affect loading the skin into the browser on slower internet connections. Sample DirectAdmin logs: Oct 22 18:09:38 server*** directadmin[27712]: ***.***.***.*** GET...
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    Unable to access DirectAdmin via login keys

    Hi I can't access DirectAdmin via login keys when the Evolution skin is enabled. After login I see a blank page and I get the following error in key.log multiple times: For all the files located in /assets/ folder like /assets/app.js I get the following error I've already enabled "Allows...
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    Evolution ignores custom domain variable's accessibility options

    Hi, Seems that Evolution skin ignores a custom domain variables's api_only and hidden options and shows all variables the same regardless of their api_only/hidden values. The right way of handling of these two options by a skin has specified here...