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    phpmyadmin root access

    Where can I log into phpmyadmin as root? I need to make some changes to the permissions in the mysql table... I've enabled this:
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    high load with modsecurity

    Since nov. 19 we have a crazy high load when modsec is enabled with the comodo rulset: PID USER PR NI VIRT RES SHR S %CPU %MEM TIME+ COMMAND 8758 apache 20 0 5971712 170564 2840 S 599.7 0.3 910:20.11 httpd 8682 apache 20 0 5775076 155780 2440 S 99.7 0.2...
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    random shared IPs

    I was pleased to see that there is a new DA function which we at CP have always missed --> In the meantime I was able to answer some questions by trying them out for myself, I leave the old questions standing if someone has the same questions. My...
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    Hello Has any of you guys tried gDNS Cluster yet? See here: the goal is to use the same dns server for all CP and DA servers.
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    On the DA page I found a link to "gDNS", has anyone already used it? Is that serious? I'm looking for a way to let CP and DA use the same DNS servers.
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    Autoresponder setup problem

    Hello I'm new on DA, playing around with one test account on a server. If I want to create a autoresponder I get this: Error writing /etc/virtual/ : Cannot stat the source file: /usr/local/directadmin/data/templates/reply_headers.txt On the Server I see that...
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    Problem with building Comodo ModSecurity Rule Set

    Hello Maybe a stupid question, I'm in the process to migrate to DA and learning how to work with the system. I tried to install mod_sec to prepare the server for production. I get this error: Executing /usr/local/directadmin/plugins/custombuild/admin/build modsecurity_rules... Installing...
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    new forum

    To be honest, your forum is horrible, each time if I post, I've to enter a captcha and I also can't edit my posts to fix spelling errors. My mother tongue is not english, so I often notice spelling errors after postings. Greetings from Europe
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    DNS Only Version - Compatibility to CP

    We've to migrate hundreds of CP Servers to DA but all uses 4 CP DNS only Servers as DNS. As we don't have the controll over thousands of domains we can't set up new DNS Servers. Is it possible to create a link to the CP DNS Only Servers? If not, what what I'm afraid, is it possible to create DA...
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    Adding cpanel subdomains an cpanel ports to DA

    We'll migrate all cpanel servers to DA. We found out after the first experiences that we've to implement some stuff to avoid customer calls / cancelations. To be exact: - How to add suddomains (webmail, cpanel) to DA accounts, automatically (and sign the SSL Certs)? - How can DA be proxyed or...
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    Migration from cpanel to DA, details

    Hello, we would like to migrate our 150 servers to DA. Some Questions: Whats about SapamAssessin Settings (BL, WL, Spambox)? Can we move our CloudLinux PHP Selector Settings? How manages DA Apache? RPM? Whats about tomcat and rails? Can I import installatron settings and apps? Whats about...