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    DA hosting business for sale

    Dear all, I'm finally moving out of the hosting business and putting my business up for auction here: Please post any questions in the thread above. Thanks to everyone on the forums for their help in the past and most of all to Mark and...
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    Can't retrieve ticket replies using CMD_API_TICKET

    Hi there, I've managed to retrieve a list of tickets using a reseller login via the API, but can't seem to retrieve the replies to those tickets. The command I'm using is: $this->DASocket->query("/CMD_API_TICKET?action=view&type=ticket&number=" . $ticket); The $ticket number is definitely...
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    Run DA as user 'diradmin'?

    Currently the DirectAdmin daemon runs as user 'nobody'. Is it possible to change this so that the daemon runs as user 'diradmin'? Would everything still function? Many thanks, Matt :)
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    Treat local mail as remote

    Hello, I'm not sure if this has been covered befor e but I searched and can't find an answer. One of my customers is a friend of mine whom I email regularly. The domain name that their account is registered for is the same one that I use to email them. However, because they don't use their...
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    SSL cert installed, but not being used?

    Hi there, I'm having trouble with an SSL certificate I bought for a customer. I've installed the cert fine and the user's httpd.conf file looks good, but when I visit, the certificate is the shared server one. The user is on their own IP. They do have several domain...
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    Bizarre logs problem

    Hi guys, I've got a weird issue on my FreeBSD 6.0 box. Log files are present in compressed form, but not uncompressed: e.g. 'messages.0.bz2' but no sign of 'messages' ...from the dates, it looks as though no new logs are being created. Any ideas? Many thanks, Matt
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    POP-Before-SMTP broken on FreeBSD 6

    Hi, POP-Before-SMTP seems broken on FreeBSD 6. Where's the package/source to recompile da-popb4smtp for FreeBSD 6? Many thanks, Matt :)
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    HOWTO: PerUser MPM with Apache2 (increased security)

    Hello, This is my first how-to and also my first patch for anything so please bear with me, if I've made any mistakes please say so and I'll fix it :) PerUser homepage: Working test systems: Working on Ubuntu Server (a Debian fork). Please post your OS...
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    Running additional virtualhosts on port 81?

    Hello, Can anyone think of a reason why DA's customapache installation wouldn't allow me to run extra virtualhosts on port 81? I've created them by adding an extra virtualhost template to virtual_host2_secure.conf and then edited the ips.conf file to add the NameVirtualHosts. I've tried...
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    GREAT NEWS - The answer to suexec/Apache/PHP problems

    For those despairing at the intrinsic lack of security in the current PHP/virtualhost/Apache setup, please see this: It's an MPM processsor for Apache, that spawns an Apache process for each virtualhost, as the user that you specify. It also supports chrooting...
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    Urgent permissions help

    Hi, Can someone please do an: ls -al -R /var/ and paste/PM the results please? I accidentally chmoded the whole /var and need to double-check everything is set properly again. Many thanks, Matt
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    [URGENT] Anyone tried Apache, PHP etc from ports?

    Hi, Please see: I can't get it to work at all. Has anyone tried setting DA up with the FreeBSD Apache port? Many thanks, Matt
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    Where are users' ssl certs stored?

    Hi, When using the SSL menu in DA to install SSL certs, where are the certificate files kept? Many thanks, Matt :)
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    What the... a DA easter egg?

    Hi, I was adding a subdomain for one of my customers, when I was redirected to the website for the band Six Pence None The Richer... very bizarre. I was adding the subdomain from the front page of the control panel under the User panel. Cookies/session IDs have been removed to protect the...
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    FrontPage Problems at server-level

    Hi, One of my customers got this error message when trying to setup FrontPage Extensions: Error setting up your web: /usr/libexec/ Shared object "" not found, required by "owsadm.exe" Can anyone shed any light on this? Many thanks, Matt :)
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    Odd Courier tmp files

    Hi, I'm seeing several (5-10) files in /tmp with this filename: /tmp/courier-authlib.locktest.XXXXX ...where XXXXX is are random alphanumeric characters. Is this the DA staff doing some tests for a possible migration to Courier-IMAP? Or does anyone know what it could be? Thanks! Matt :)
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    Slew of security updates

    Anyone else getting a little annoyed with having to keep performing emergency maintenance on their servers with all the updates for FreeBSD lately? Matt :)
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    open_basedir directories too open?

    I was wondering, is there any need for /etc/virtual to be in the open_basedir directive? Many thanks, Matt :)
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    phpMyAdmin 2.6.2 patch level 1

    phpMyAdmin 2.6.2 patch level 1 is out :) Matt
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    Exim 4.51

    Exim's 4.51 is out :) Matt