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  1. CCSI

    Size restrictions

    Mailbox restrictions: When I first purchased a DA server, I created multiple domains with multiple mailboxes for each domain on the server. When creating the email accounts, they defaulted to "0" for its size, and that means unlimited. I left them at the default. Now, I have a new DA...
  2. CCSI

    Sender Policy Framework rules

    when sending and email to a certain domain ( I get back an error that reads: "There was a SMTP communication problem with the recipient's email server. Please contact your system administrator. The sender did not meet Sender Policy Framework rules. Please see>"...
  3. CCSI

    Feature Request - Email all users

    I would like to have the ability to email each and every email account on my DA server (I am the admin) so that I can notify them of planned system down time for upgrades. I would really appreciate this feature. If any of you know how to do this now manually, I would sure appreicate the...
  4. CCSI

    Sub Domain Email

    I understand if you create a domain called, you can then create a subdomain called My question is this: Can you setup email accounts that will read Thanks in advance, David Riggs
  5. CCSI


    I have had to restart vm-pop3d twice this morning for my clients to be able to receive email. I looked in /var/log/messages and/or /var/log/maillog but found nothing to alarm me. I must admit, I don't really know what it is that I am looking for in there, but I looked at the file and looked...
  6. CCSI

    index.htm vs. default.htm

    Question: I have a client that has created a website via FrontPage. Their main page is called default.htm instead of index.htm. They have references back to "default.htm", or I would just have them change the name of the file to index.htm I was using Ensim Webplliance PRO for Windows before...
  7. CCSI

    Trouble Adding Site

    Hey guys… I added a site today as a second domain for one of my customers. They have since then told me that they would like the new domain to be by itself… not under the original domain. I removed the domain from the being under the original domain account. Tried to add it brand new, but...
  8. CCSI

    Sending mail to all email accounts on a server

    I know it is possible to send a message to all the main domain accounts on a DA server, but is it possible to send to all the individual email accounts also.... reason... to notify everyone of a planned system outage. Thanks David
  9. CCSI


    My server was behind a SonicWall firewall with the correct ports opened. The firewall went out on me, and while reading some posts here, I decided not to replace it, but rather start using iptables and kiss my firewall. (this was as of Wednesday of last week) Now... over the last few days I...
  10. CCSI


    I have a demo account on my server. I want to buy entitelments. I believe that they are 20 bucks for each server. I can't remember my password to get in. I have requested numerous times over the last few days to have that info sent to me. Nothing. Now my question is this... How to I reset...
  11. CCSI

    Full System Backup Trouble

    I used ProWebUK (Chris') "How To" on the DA backup. The how to was well written and covered all topics. My problem is probably due to operator error. Everything seems to work great except for backing up Apache. I was wondering if I could get a little guidance on what to do next. This is...
  12. CCSI

    Hosting Email... Not website

    Currently I host an account with their email and website. They have hired a company to design a new site for them and that company will start to handle the hosting of the website. The account would like us to host their email for them still, and then have the other company host their site...
  13. CCSI

    Email subdirectory

    I am coming from the Windows/Ensim environment. I am looking for the subdirectory where emails for individual email acounts are stored until the user downloads. Thanks in advance! David
  14. CCSI

    IP to Name Based

    Is there a way to change a site to Namebased once it already is IP ? Thanks David
  15. CCSI

    Barracuda Networks

    Barracuda Networks produces a fairly new device just out on the market. It is a hardware device that checks for viruses and filters spam. Does anyone have any experience with this? Those of you interested.... there site is Let's here some opinions....
  16. CCSI

    PuTTY and RedHat 9

    General Linux question: I use PuTTY to SSH into my RH9/DA server. (Win XP Pro workstation) I have also used my RH9 workstation terminal and SSH With both situations, the keyboard/screen response seems quite slow. Durring the same session, it can, at times, work well, but it is very...
  17. CCSI

    SquirrelMail Customization

    I would like my clients to use SquirrelMail for their webmail. I have read the posts and changed httpd.conf so that points to SquirrelMail (works just fine) Problem: Webmail for Nuts Funny as it sounds, some of my clients would be offended and end up not using our...
  18. CCSI

    How do I enable frontpage?

    I read at that is is what I was supposed to do: Enabling / Disabling FrontPage Extensions First, access the FrontPage menu by clicking on "FrontPage Extensions" from the main control panel screen. You will see a table that looks like this: ** There isn't an icon anywhere...