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    Rspamd directives in check_message.conf not processed

    I successfully configured rspamd using the instructions on this forum and in the readme.txt. Rspamd is adding its headers and seems to be running fine. However, I noticed that greylisting was not working (even after configuring redis) and also that the other in directives in...
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    Quick and dirty Lets Encrypt integration

    I know that Lets Encrypt integration is an upcoming official feature, but I wanted to implement something in the mean time. For those of you who also can't wait I wrote a small shell script which allows a root user to enable Lets encrypt for a specific user or for all users at once. I run this...
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    The missing updates: Exim, Proftp and MySQL

    During a fresh Directadmin installation on a Debian system a few programs such as Proftp, Exim and MySQL are downloaded from as a tar.gz file or as a DEB package. These packages are defined in a distro-specific file, for example...
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    Shared IP trouble

    Hi There, I've converted a normal user to a reseller user using the utility, which doesn't gave me any error messages. But, when I try to create a new user with this new reseller account I get the following error message: Unable to create a User Details You must first own an IP...
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    Incomplete hostname change?

    I've changed the hostname from on of our servers from to I've changed the FreeBSD settings and modified the "Admin Settings > Servers name" entry in the control panel. Almost everything is working fine. Only when creating a new user account, the notification is...