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    DA File Manager

    FYI I have noticed that the DA file manager doesn't seem to be able to handle files with embedded commas in them (i.e. Dovecot maildir files). No matter what operation I try on those file names, I get an error similar to this: /Maildir/cur/,S...
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    Majordomo digests

    I had a problem with a mailing list I ran, where the digests would get all messed up and it started creating a digest for every email, even if the digest size was well below the digest threshold. I figured out that the digest script was not deleting all the files in the working directory...
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    User backups

    I think I may have found a bug in the DA user backup. I created a user backup on one server, which had higher limits than the reseller on a different DA server. The restore failed due to the limits, but the userid was created on the server but never added to the reseller. Once that happens...
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    MySQL 4.1.14 Released

    Of course within an hour of me upgrading to 4.1.13, a new version 4.1.14 was released. I just upgraded to 4.1.14, the update seemed to work fine. No problems yet after doing some initial testing.
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    php 4.3.8

    Looks like php 4 has been updated as well, due to a few security issues.
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    Request option to enable frontpage by default

    I have a reseller that is moving a bunch of domains to my server and he uses Frontpage. It would have been nice to have an option to have FrontPage enabled by default when he created each of his domains. I know it isn't that hard to enable it on each domain after they are created, but when...
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    majordomo digests

    If anyone was having problems with majordomo and digests on a virtual domain, here is what I did to fix it: The error I was getting was an unroutable address for the LISTNAME-digest-outgoing except that the domainame was my server's real domain instead of the virtual domain. This fix adds...
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    HTTP/1.0 problems?

    I was trying to log into my DirectAdmin system from work which goes through a proxy, and it was not working. I tried again from home and that works. The only thing I see different in the log files is that when I attemt to login from work it shows up like: and it won't log me in. If I login...
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    Problem with

    Anyone having problems accessing . I am installing DirectAdmin for the first time and it appears there is a problem with the site. The script is hanging trying to download files from this site. The IP responds to ping and wget actually connects to the address...