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    Get an error when Installing Directadmin

    After installing a clean CentOS 7, answering all questions for custom installation and passing the fast server selection, I got the following error: ./ line 606: syntax error: unexpected end of file I tried to run DA setup several times but the error persist ! Any idea ?
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    openlitespeed WebAdmin on port 7080 doesn't work

    Hello, I installed a clean DA based on openlitespeed webserver. I Opened Port 7080 in CSF (even test it while CSF was disabled) but unfortunately WebAdmin doesn't work and I got "The connection has timed out" error. I should inform that OLS is listening on port 7080, but nothing was happening...
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    Directadmin - Downgrade MariaDB 10.4 to 10.2

    I want to downgrade MariaDB 10.4 to 10.2 regarding Directadmin 1.57.5 Please help me. Thanks
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    Update to MariaDB 10.4.7 - Suspend / Unsuspend user's Issue

    After Updating MariaDB from 10.0.38 to 10.4.7, suspend / unsuspend users from "show all users" leading to the following error: Unable to set password for db user [DB username of suspended user] : Column 'Password' is not updatable Unable to set password for db user [suspended user] : Column...