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    debian 10 alpha testing

    Hello, directadmin have release a alpha version of debian 10. I have make a basic install. it is finished without problems (with the default setup). i have setup a domain, and seems all is fine. So we are in good road :) now i am checking customized installations/upgrades to see for any bug...
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    2 directadmin licenses for sale

    Hi, i have 2 directadmin full licenses for sale. If you are interest please send a email to info at with your offer.
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    debian repository with GRSECURITY kernel

    Hi, I use grsec kernels for years and i have plan to make public a debian repository with GRSEC enabled kernel. All my servers is working fine but i want some release candidate testers before i open to public the repository. If you are admin in a debian system and you are interest please send me...
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    passwords with more that 8 letters

    Hi, i have see that the directadmin login use only the first 8 characters of the password. however this allow to put more that 8 characters in password change, allow to put more that 8 in the login however just dont count the characters after the first 8. This is very unsecure, and i think that...
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    Dovecot v1.2.8 released (security update) This is mainly to fix the 0777 base_dir creation issue, which could be considered a security hole, exploitable by local users. An attacker could for example replace Dovecot's auth...
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    exim 4.70 released

    Hi exim 4.70 released: I hope we can have it soon in directadmin
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    MySQL Community Server 5.1.38 has been released

    the 5.1.38 version is released. more info here:
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    Debian 5.0 released

    Hi, Debian 5.0 released. I hope directadmin can supported soon.
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    DirectAdmin Lifetime License for $220

    Hi, i have one directadmin external lifetime license for sale. The cost is $220. For any info contact me. Regards, Christos
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    DirectAdmin Lifetime License for $250

    Hi, i have one directadmin lifetime license for sale. The cost is $250. For any info contact me. Regards, Christos
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    debian 4.0 stable released

    Hi, finally the debian 4.0 released: I hope directadmin support this soon.
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    Exim 4.66 Released

    Exim version 4.66 ----------------- PH/01 Two more bugs that were introduced by 4.64/PH/07, in addition to the one fixed by 4.65/MH/01 (is this a record?) are fixed: (i) An empty string was always treated as zero by the numeric comparison operators. This behaviour has...
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    apache problem in debian

    Hi, i have try to upgrade my debian servers to the latest versions of apache but in the php build i receive this error: from /usr/local/directadmin/customapache/php-4.4.2/ext/zip/zip. c:34: /usr/local/include/zzip/zzip.h:9:10...
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    freebsd 6 now is supported as beta

    Hi, i have login in my DA billing panel and i have see that the freebsd 6 now is supported as beta. I make soon my first install. I hope and more people can test this so soon can be stable release :)
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    config exim 4.51 with clamav

    Hi, can everyone post a simple how-to config exim (4.51 with intergrade exiscan) for virus scanning with clamav? I have freebsd 5.3 and allready build the clamav from ports. Thanks Christos
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    freeBSD 5.4 released

    Hi the freebsd 5.4 released. I hope directadmin can support this soon. Regards, Christos
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    freebsd 5.3 final stable released

    Hi, i just have receive a email from freebsd developments. The freebsd 5.3 stable is just uploaded to the ftp mirrors. You can download here: I do this now, and i try to install...
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    cron problems

    Hi, i have setup my first freebsd 5.2.1 box (until now i use 4.9 and it is very stalbe). All things hope is ok but the cron for the users is not working. One user have setup a cron but this is not runing. also in the cron log i not have see any info about this. So i hope the users (at least the...
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    update ports in freebsd

    Hi, i have some freebsd servers. I have some questions about upgrade the ports. I allready have upgrade the kernel via cvsup but how i can safe update the ports? (i not mean update the /usr/ports but the installed ports) Thanks for the answers. Christos
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    canot create mysql DBs

    Hi, i have a freebsd 4.9 box. If a user try to create database receive this error: Unable to add user dworld_asas. Table 'user' is read only I think it is permision problem (maybe need chown) but what files needed to check? Thanks Christos