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    DirectAdmin Lifetime license(s) for sale

    Hey, I have two DA lifetime licenses for sale. $200 each or $350 for both. PM me if interested. Thanks, David UPDATE: All licenses have been sold.
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    [Release] Exim Editor - No-Cost!

    Hey, This is to let everyone know we have decided to release Exim Editor at no-cost. I do want to thank all those who have purchased copies of Exim Editor as it is because of your help that we are able to release it now at no-cost. Thank You! As with most plugins you can go to the Plugin...
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    [RELEASE] XmConf Editor - FREE

    Hey, We've decided to release an exim.conf editor we call XmConf Editor, for FREE. It allows you to edit the exim.conf file from within the plugin. Additionally, it'll check for syntactic correctness before writing any changes you make to the file. Also, you can check for the ORDB entry in...
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    [RELEASE] Exim Editor Plugin for DirectAdmin

    This is the initial public release of the Exim Editor plugin for DirectAdmin. Exim Editor has been tested/run on our CentOS servers with Version 2 of DA's exim.conf. It should work on all platforms as it is basically PHP based and requires nothing more than what DA already installs. It has...
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    [PRE-ANNOUNCE] Exim Editor for DirectAdmin

    Hey, This is an early announcement of the pending release of Exim Editor for DirectAdmin. Exim Editor allows the DA Administrator to modify many of the features of Exim that currently must be done vi ssh. Current features include: Enable / Disable RBLs Add / Remove domains to use the RBLs...
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    https and email links

    Hey, I couldn't find any reference to this searching so... We use SSL for login to DA and if a user tries to click on one of the email (webmail/squirrelmail) links, from within DA, it will open trying to use "https://", which won't work... This is probably because we use the SSL cert only for...
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    DA link in footer...

    Hey, Just wanted to ask/recommend that the link in the footer_bar_2.html for DA be made to open another browser window (target="_blank"). I think this might be good for both DA and the hosting provider. Thanks, David