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    Backup without it writing a temp file. (answered)

    Is their a way to have Direct admin run the backup for FTP without it generating a temp? If not is their a way to set it to store it on other drives. I don't want the temp being written to the SSDs. Were getting ready to replace them as their getting old and don't want heavy writes. We have...
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    Everything overall is going well with the DA server, but I am at the point where I want to add IPV6 to our shared hosting. No reason other then to get it done before it becomes a requirement or becomes like SSL is . So sense I have never used IPv6 with DA before. I figure I would ask if their...
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    CP Migration error 400 on a WP

    Recently migrated from CP to DA. Overall it went pretty good. I have one WP that has a really odd error I cannot quite narrow down the reason. The site when it was converted did have an error with the name of the DB. WARNING! wp388 cannot be owned by (Username), renaming database user to...
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    Need someone to bounce ideas off of.

    I feel odd asking, but I help alot of other people other Linux communities and heck one might know me here. I am new to Direct Admin and just would like someone to bounce some ideas off of today. If happen to have skype and don't mind a question now and the. (I gotta a lot of learning to do...