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    Missing modules that are installed and wierd error message

    Hello, I am testing with a openstack cloud image from centos. It is the latest in Everything works except CPAN and spamassassin. I followed the standard installation as metioned by DA When i do a ./build spamassassin i get the following message...
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    Error ftp_upload.php after update DA to 1.49.0

    Hello, After updating DA to version 1.49.0 i got errors on backups. ftp_upload.php output: Cannot find /usr/bin/bc for ftp upload timeout change on large file: 2 Gig.
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    Error on building php-fpm 5.3.29

    Hello, When trying to build new versions of php-fpm5.3 and php-fpm5.6, i get an error on the php-fpm53 version as below. What could be the problem? I use 2.0.0 (rev: 1408) and autoconf: 2.68 , automake: 1.15 Centos 6.7 ./build php n File already exists MD5 Checksum on php-5.3.29.tar.gz passed...
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    Error gracefuling service php-fpm52

    Hello, I have Centos 6.6 with apache2.4.10 en php-fpm (5.3). Directadmin version 1.46.3 and CB2 Today i had a user who created a new domain and it wasn't working. Log showed could not connect to /usr/local/php53/etc/php-fpm.conf. Also the username.sock wasn't created in...