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  1. roman_m

    FreeBSD 12.0-RC2

    Hi everybody! Is there any news about DirectAdmin on FreeBSD 12.RC-2 and OpenSSL 1.1.1-beta? I've upgraded one of my test bsd box from 11.2-RELEASE to 12.0-RC2 and directadmin was unable to start because directadmin binary compiled with openssl1.0 Then, I install /usr/ports/security/openssl...
  2. roman_m

    DirectSlave/GO 3 - public beta

    Original DirectSlave thread: ================================================================================== UPDATE: DirectSlave Updated to version 3.4.2-Advanced! → BUGFIX: pid file was not written when running under Linux systemd...
  3. roman_m

    SSLv2 in DirectAdmin API request calls

    Hello, DirectAdmin developers team! I developed & maintain a set of free software for secondary DNS management called DirectSlave (my thread in forum is and I noticed that SSL calls inside of DirectAdmin, when calling external services, is...
  4. roman_m

    Another request for custom package tokens

    Please, please! Add ability to load custom package options into tokens in user/* part of skin. This could improve skin flexibility and make skin programming much easier. Also, this can save server resources because of eliminating all external API calls inside the skin.
  5. roman_m

    PHP Settings - plugin to edit CGI/FPM php.ini via DA control panel

    Hi! Are you interested in DA plugin to edit per-user-domain php.ini settings via DA control panel ? It's highly configurable and useful when you run your PHP installation as FCGI/FPM and/or with suPHP. I think, it might be rewritten for use with .htaccess and/or php-fpm.conf, but as always I...
  6. roman_m

    /CMD_SYSTEM_INFO timeout

    When querying "System Information" th DirectAdmin hangs without any output for long time and I've got "Your connection has timed out". This happened today when I install additional 8 Gb of RAM to server (16 Gb total). That's what I see in DA error.log 2014:08:04-21:22:11: Timeout from from...
  7. roman_m

    DirectAdmin ZFS wrappers [user quota]

    HOWTO: DirectAdmin ZFS user quota wrappers Since DA has no native ZFS supoprt and no solitions proposed in forum, I made custom wrappers. To use it, you have to create bin folder in /usr/local/directadmin and put two attached scripts from archive (repquota, edquota) into it, then chown it...
  8. roman_m

    DirectSlave - solution to add and remove zones on slave without DirectAdmin

    For new DirectSlave/GO 3 public beta see this thread -- All versions in one place -- Web interface demo available -- demo:demo123 Benefits: + listen to tcp 2222 and imitates DirectAdmin...
  9. roman_m

    [POLL] DirectAdmin MultiServer feature for slave DNS without DirectAdmin itself?

    Poll is closed. See main thread
  10. roman_m

    [solution] DNS Clustering: Transfer single or many domains to multiple servers

    It's a strange situation, but I need to transfer one single domain to many of my servers using DirectAdmin. I looking at "Multiserver setup" and found it wery usable, but not in my case, because I don't need to transfer all zones around my servers, but one single zone with custom IN NS records...