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    Block sending email except one domain - acl?

    Hi I need help to create some rules. I have one domain ( with users which should have access to send e-mails to only one domain ( and also get emails only from one domain ( Normally in Directadmin I didn't find feature, so I think it should be through...
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    Problem with queue

    I have a problem with the queue. Mail sent to the queue stops and does not reach the recipient located in the same domain and on the same server as the sender. For example, a photo from the queue. The mail from the he ****. Pl domain was sent to two recipients. The first one outside the server...
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    Problem with virus - INVOICES email

    Recently, many emails with attachments with a rar extension in which there are viruses reach my server. They are in files such as vbs. Clamav does not respond to them at all and does not unpack these files despite the fact that in the default configuration the archive scanning option is enabled...
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    Nginx_apache and problem with Symphony

    I have a problem with one website which use script Symfony ( I change apache to nginx_apache in options.conf. All websites works great but one not. My client clear cache on symfony script but nothing help. In logs nginx I see: 2018/09/19 13:45:53 [error] 195767#0: *4066...
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    Directadmin user read only

    Hi Is it possible to add user who has only read only access for all directadmin users? I need this to analyze users and his domains.
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    Problem with spam

    Hi From some time I have a problem with spam. I use newest version exim and ESF. Still about 30 e-mails spam per day come to mailbox. Below header this spam. It is almost always the same contents in emails, from different senders, different hosts. Header Received: from mail by...
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    Redirect main host

    Hi I have two Directadmin servers on hostname and Yesterday I bought for my another domain ( Wildcard SSL. I'd like to change main current domain to new and make redirection. How I could to do this to keep old domain as rediraction to new domain. For...
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    Exim_conf diff

    Is it possible to add to custombuild possibility to update exim_conf like here I have my own modification (for example translation autoresponder, own SSL for each domain) in exim.conf and if I update via custombuild then everything are overwrite.
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    Dovecot custom files

    Hi After change Custombuild to 2.0 I have another structure with configuration files. I use some modification to use own SSL. But If I ./build dovecot then my modification delete and I have default files. I tried to use dovecot.conf and ssl.conf files...
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    Strange spam through my server

    Hi First sorry for my english. A few days ago I had a problem with spam which sending through my mail server. Example from log: 2014-11-20 16:35:34 1XrTld-0003B6-Kn <= [email protected] ( [] P=esmtp S=574 T="Venda suas Milhas...
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    problem transfer account with multi server setup

    HI I have two servers - da1 and da3 which use multi server setup. I've read that I have to uncheck "Domain check" to transfer account from one to second server. I understand that if I did that, I can backup account from da1 and restore on da3. But...
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    Problem with migration

    I'm not sure if the DirectAdmin forum is appropriate to write this post, but maybe. E-mail accounts one of the domains, which is on the server with DirectAdmin, say being passed on to Ms Exchange 2010. The Ex2010 provides the option of migration from other mail systems...
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    Problem with revDNS - forward DNS?

    Hi I have a problem with revDNS on one of my servers. I send test to and result Main server is with correctly hostname and revDNS But domain has...
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    Problem with 3rd party software and webdav

    On one of the domains I have installed the software, which uses webdav. The software includes a file webdav2.php, which according to the manufacturer should be used during operation. One of the functions of the program is to edit the files (like doc) directly on the server. When I open the file...
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    Prevent spam from localhost

    Recently my server was added to and spamcop. I found problem, one domain had malware and script try send e-mail. I could not find the correct log information to send this spam mail, but I found a lot of trial such as this below. After that, our server went on the list. How to defend...
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    List all POP3 account

    Hi I remember that somewhere was script which list all e-mail accounts to file, but I couldn't find. Could you help me? I need list all pop3 account on DA server and get to my addresbook. I find only but this script send e-mail from shell.
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    php cgi and cli together

    I found trick to have php 5.2 and 5.3 together. But is this possible to have 5.2 CGI and CLI together ? I have one application which need php-cli. There is function apache_request_headers which doesn't work when php is as CGI. I have message "Call to undefined function...
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    New type file

    Where should I add new type to interpreter PHP in Apache. My file is name "engine". This is file from software which I use. Documentation says me that I should add : DirectoryIndex index.html index.cgi index.php index.xhtml engine <IfModule mod_alias.c> Alias /edokumenty...
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    Disk usage & bandwith again

    I know that many topics were written on quota and bandwidth but I have to write another one. I found a few bugs. But maybe I'll start the presentation of my setup. in /etc/fstab /dev/cciss/c0d0p1 / ext3 errors = remount-ro, rw, usrquota, grpquota 1 1 /dev/cciss/c0d0p5 none swap sw 0 0 in...
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    pop3 detail logging like "subject"

    Looking for an option or feature that will allow me to log information about what exactly the messages were getting, for example using the message subject. I just depends on the detailed log, as is the case for the SMTP server where you can read the full information about the sender, subject...