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  1. Zhenyapan

    PHP Selector - Problem changing php version in newly created accounts

    here is cagefs commands: you can "force update" or "--remount-all" or through DA "Cloudlinux LVE manager - Options - CageFS - Update skeleton" and then force update cagefs (if there is no custom setting for users, if you have custom - don't use...
  2. Zhenyapan

    How to resolve issue for extra costs additional ipv4

    43$ it's smaller cost for PI IP, average will be near 48-50$ you can use them, for example, 5 years, and then sell 60-70$ per ip. but if you don't want to freeze such pack of money - you can lease IPs too. Or look for datacenter bulk prices.
  3. Zhenyapan

    How to resolve issue for extra costs additional ipv4

    You can change datacenter to cheaper one, or you can buy own IP pool, today /22 will cost about 43$/ip so total 44000$ for 1024 ips that forever yours.
  4. Zhenyapan

    Im in a need of a shell guru :P

    You must parse all login-names from all services then compare it with failed attempts. It's not too secure to keep somewhere this correct-login-list. Some more secure version I asked earlier there...
  5. Zhenyapan

    Letsencrypt problem

    maybe this domain behind cloudflare? or some rewrite rules prevent checking /.well-known/acme-challenge
  6. Zhenyapan

    There is no ionCube loader available for PHP 8.1.

    @lrdmafia new archive has different structure, so: or wait till DA repack it to same structure and make it install from their repo. or you can install it manually.
  7. Zhenyapan

    Solved Best way to change the default PHP version

    if there not so many domains - you can then go to each and change version, it will make less problems later. or you can try to script it somehow, maybe this helps: especially...
  8. Zhenyapan

    evolution skin - small wrong translation in german

    It's user translated, you can go to: and correct translation, than it will come with nearest custombuild update
  9. Zhenyapan

    PHP Selector - Problem changing php version in newly created accounts

    Did you install additional PHP version and VersionSelector from cloudlinux steps? if installed - you can just select not native PHP which allows to configure extensions/limits etc..
  10. Zhenyapan

    Emails fall into "Spam" folder

    Banks nice protected, so they use own filters and you must ask their admins which rule don't pass your email (if you have such privileges).
  11. Zhenyapan

    Damn NAMED wont start after reboot :(

    and this issue exists more than 6 months, as I remember, because I fix it each time automatically as a regular part of DA installation.. :cautious:
  12. Zhenyapan

    5 ip restriction

    so generate new key, without changing IP, and use it.
  13. Zhenyapan

    5 ip restriction

    Now you don't need to change IP, just copy Key and run new install with this key, it will disable old server and activate license in new one.
  14. Zhenyapan - Attempt to free unreferenced scalar

    maybe domain don't use servers DNS setting, and using domain-registrar settings or other provider?
  15. Zhenyapan - Attempt to free unreferenced scalar

    @krisiskris you may try to reinstall exim, not whole OS
  16. Zhenyapan

    Script possible? Inactive Users

    look there: /usr/local/directadmin/data/users/USERNAME/login.hist
  17. Zhenyapan


    of course, but DA forum not right place to solve such questions.
  18. Zhenyapan


    but it still OWN blocklist, mxroute don't make you to use it, as I don't make you or any to use my blocklist. For example on few servers we have locked whole continents because they provide local service, and it's easier, and cheaper than filter all incoming traffic.
  19. Zhenyapan


    @webix as mxroute said - it's their own blocklist, so they can add what they want for any reasons. For example we have own blocklists too where whole amazon, microsoft, hetzner, contabo and so on blocked.