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  1. AndyII


    I also made a screen shot for the skin selector including the Server Stats box that Alex added I like it as a "At a glance" that services are all running :) SO Great add On Mr. dugalex :cool: here is the ScreenShot w/Stats
  2. AndyII


    DA Glass Screen Shot for your DA Skin Selector ok so I have created a screenshot for the DA Glass skin for use in the Skin Selector, I hope it all uploads, Im including a psp so you can arrange as you wish but this is what I did...for now...:) ok so it wont take a psp so I'll upload Down Load...
  3. AndyII

    How to Drive a Coder crazy

    now if your not a programmer or have a bit of knowledge or someone has let you in on the answer , here is a quick joke for programmer's and or coders how to drive a programmer crazy? give him a bottle of shampoo and the instructions are , Wash, Rinse, Repeat
  4. AndyII

    [Free Plugin] Skin selector for Directadmin

    the skin selector works just great! but Im getting a little interference from css depending on what skin is installed when using the Skin Selector, so a way to make the plugin not rely on other skins css to display the page?... maybe??? here are 2 screen shots, one is the enhanced skin and the...
  5. AndyII


    Hi dugalex :) I know this is not your skin problem , but a general problem when switching skins most of the time I have to do a page refresh and flush the cache and as you are a designer, can we do something to 'Auto' refresh so we dont get the old css still hanging in there? more for the user...
  6. AndyII

    NEW CyberAdmin Skin - The best skin ever made for DirectAdmin so far, coming soon!

    @javiern with version 1.3.1 installed, the Skin Selector Still shows a blank page with Header and some text only :confused: screen shot to see
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    and last one (only 5 per post ) :(
  8. AndyII


    I see your point, and a good one :) here are all the others minus the default and of course, the black
  9. AndyII

    Php 5.4.29

    anyone know of any scripts or troubles if I was to upgrade from Php 5.4.29 to 5.4.37 ? php always scares me a bit, always seeming to deprecate something more which in turn causes a few headaches, you know clients dont understand its their job to keep their scripts updated. or even care to care :)
  10. AndyII


    ahhh yea LOL I like the feature, but how to tell people they can switch, not sure about a little (?) with a pop up for info on selecting color of choice? I was sitting here thinking about having different color schemes selectable by the user because I saw the different css files, and I just...
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    just as a note to all, LOL Turn Off any AD Blocker LOL but now to find out Why the ad blocker sees this page as ads??? SOLVED installed, running DA latest but getting a screen not looking like yours :( is there a requirement that it needs
  12. AndyII

    Email Skin

    hello members to get started with some skinning and due to a request, I have modified the enhanced theme to be an Email Only skin its compatible with 1.45.4 and I think the newest release as well (checking that today) I just looked and it appears that the enhanced skin from DA hasnt been updated...
  13. AndyII

    skin choice

    I would like to show off the Skin Selector / Skin Manager Alex has created, hope you dont mind Alex..., if you do I can remove them. Remember now there are more features on the way but its, well, take a look for yourself ! I should also mention that the skin selector for the user, the previews...
  14. AndyII

    Demo Account

    in Administrator Settings and enabling 'Enable User Demo' I dont see any plugins that were added shown on the user account ? is there a way to allow this, and or can anyone else confirm they dont work for them..?
  15. AndyII

    sym links

    I am so sorry if this is a stupid question, ( a man once told me there were no such thing as a stupid question, only stupid answer lol ) anyway, is there any way for me to create a sym link from the admin file manager to /usr/local/directadmin/data/skins/ as you may know (and if you dont, you...
  16. AndyII

    NewWorld 3.0

    well 1st off the cn and en language file folders are switched :) so I just changed them over and reinstalled again but either its real broke or not compatible with the latest DA version :( I made a package to install via the skin manager if anyone wants and with the language fixed (except the...
  17. AndyII

    httpd -k start -DSSL causing load to increase

    when I see these I also see the load climb , today they actually triggered the lfd load alert /usr/sbin/httpd -k start -DSSL I searched Google but didnt find any real answers
  18. AndyII

    Plugins, are they generally safe?

    I have anew plugin, not developed by me of course.:eek: can the installation of a plugin having malicious code be allowed to be installed? would DA see it or maldet or even the fire wall? I am not saying this plugin has any bad code but to test it would mean to install it, not knowing the exact...
  19. AndyII

    Just a Thank You Note to all here

    I know many many many times the main members have unselfishly helped other members like myself ;) and I know many times you dont get even a thank you for your assistance So to all that have those great minds, talented in many ways and experience and wisdom to help those of us who are not as...
  20. AndyII

    Suspend at Limit - does it work?

    this could also be for Admin and or System levels I have been using inode limits and the accounts are set to suspend at limit But its not happening I got a report that a user had used 148% of the inode limit and that account had not been suspended, so I made a test account and put small limits...