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  1. AndyII

    How to Drive a Coder crazy

    now if your not a programmer or have a bit of knowledge or someone has let you in on the answer , here is a quick joke for programmer's and or coders how to drive a programmer crazy? give him a bottle of shampoo and the instructions are , Wash, Rinse, Repeat
  2. AndyII

    Php 5.4.29

    anyone know of any scripts or troubles if I was to upgrade from Php 5.4.29 to 5.4.37 ? php always scares me a bit, always seeming to deprecate something more which in turn causes a few headaches, you know clients dont understand its their job to keep their scripts updated. or even care to care :)
  3. AndyII

    Email Skin

    hello members to get started with some skinning and due to a request, I have modified the enhanced theme to be an Email Only skin its compatible with 1.45.4 and I think the newest release as well (checking that today) I just looked and it appears that the enhanced skin from DA hasnt been updated...
  4. AndyII

    Demo Account

    in Administrator Settings and enabling 'Enable User Demo' I dont see any plugins that were added shown on the user account ? is there a way to allow this, and or can anyone else confirm they dont work for them..?
  5. AndyII

    sym links

    I am so sorry if this is a stupid question, ( a man once told me there were no such thing as a stupid question, only stupid answer lol ) anyway, is there any way for me to create a sym link from the admin file manager to /usr/local/directadmin/data/skins/ as you may know (and if you dont, you...
  6. AndyII

    httpd -k start -DSSL causing load to increase

    when I see these I also see the load climb , today they actually triggered the lfd load alert /usr/sbin/httpd -k start -DSSL I searched Google but didnt find any real answers
  7. AndyII

    Plugins, are they generally safe?

    I have anew plugin, not developed by me of course.:eek: can the installation of a plugin having malicious code be allowed to be installed? would DA see it or maldet or even the fire wall? I am not saying this plugin has any bad code but to test it would mean to install it, not knowing the exact...
  8. AndyII

    Just a Thank You Note to all here

    I know many many many times the main members have unselfishly helped other members like myself ;) and I know many times you dont get even a thank you for your assistance So to all that have those great minds, talented in many ways and experience and wisdom to help those of us who are not as...
  9. AndyII

    Suspend at Limit - does it work?

    this could also be for Admin and or System levels I have been using inode limits and the accounts are set to suspend at limit But its not happening I got a report that a user had used 148% of the inode limit and that account had not been suspended, so I made a test account and put small limits...
  10. AndyII

    feature request inode usuage listed in Server Stats

    In Server Statistics list by partition not only disk space used/available, but also indoes used/available.? yes Im on the inode train...sorry :rolleyes:
  11. AndyII

    feature request for inode usage

    feature request inode usage listed in Show All Users when viewing 'Show All Users' in Reseller or Admin,we see such things as bandwidth, disk space and so on can we also get a column with inode usage? I suppose if you sort by disk usage it will order them in who has the most inodes but still...
  12. AndyII

    some professional advice from you DA pro's

    I have a client that wants to do some small hosting and finally settled on BoxBilling as the system I had to find an extension to use with DA but this code is more than 2 years old so I am concerned its either outdated, insecure or buggy, would any of you DA guru's be willing to take a quick...
  13. AndyII

    with a little help from my friends

    the other day I was visiting a new department store, this thing was huge I say, seems the floors would never end. while browsing all the merchandise I was hit by the need to find a restroom, after all that coffee I was going to have to find the bathroom, I wondered around and didnt see any...
  14. AndyII

    Child Themes (or skins as they are called here)

    I would like to see the implementation of child themes, there are a few nice themes here But for some they are not what they would prefer in color, contrast, font selection and so on. child themes of course rely on the parent theme for most of the core coding but enable others to take a great...
  15. AndyII

    modifing a default skin

    so yes I read, well skimmed the how to on sitehelper, and I am thinking if I wanted to change the appearance of one of DA'a skins, can I upload that to the skin manager (giving it a different name of course)and use it, make the changes I want and would not be any interference or conflicts with...
  16. AndyII

    custom build error

    Im getting this Warning: shell_exec(): Cannot execute using backquotes in Safe Mode in /usr/local/directadmin/plugins/custombuild/admin/elements/menu.php on line 1
  17. AndyII

    skin choice

    Am I missing a tic mark or, why cant a user choose their choice of skin? and if a skin is non existent or corrupt, why doesnt DA revert back to at least the default? if its not a feature can we add to the feature list? also why not start using child themes?, can this be a feature request?
  18. AndyII

    Email Verification process

    I know I have discussed this with a couple people, we do use the SPAM email database to filter out the known spammers emails but..... does anyone know of a way or a method, or a script that would first test the potential member/user/? email address to check if its even a valid email address...
  19. AndyII

    skins and language files

    been looking at the skin and wondered how many of these files need to be modified for a new language? are there places in all files that need to be changed to the new language? or are there a certain amount that are the critical ones? are there a list of titles, words, captions that are...
  20. AndyII

    Proxmox anyone with some experience?

    Im looking into and experimenting with Proxmox and KVM, Ive posted over on the Proxmox forum but within 24 hrs my post was 2 pages deep and no answer :( so I think well maybe I should ask here and I may get an even better answer :confused: here was the essence of that post for example I have a...