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    Failed to start The nginx HTTP and reverse proxy server.

    nginx has stopped and is not working again, although no action is taken on the server. The IP address does not appear on the line with the error. I reinstalled nginx_apache, switched to apache but nothing changed. What should I do? -- When I run the "netstat -lp" command, the IP addresses show...
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    Directadmin Backup Error curl: (8)

    I have many directadmin servers. I am using the same backup system. But this time I couldn't set backup. I have curl and ftp installed on the server. I can connect to ftp account with filezilla. I can connect via ssh on the same server. but the backup part cannot establish ftp connection. "...
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    Exim Problem With One Domain

    Domains x and y are on the same server. I am using phpmailer. Mail is sent with domain x. I am getting an error with domain y. error output: 2020-08-27 13:48:07 CLIENT -> SERVER: EHLO 2020-08-27 13:48:07 CLIENT -> SERVER: STARTTLS SMTP Error: Could not connect to SMTP host. 2020-08-27...
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    custombuild error (php)

    i tryed ./build all d, ./build all, ./build php n I was working with 3 different versions until yesterday. I removed the other 2 php versions from options. When I run the ./build php n command I get the following error. ... ::~CodePointBreakIterator()'...
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    MySQL restarting each 10 minutes.

    MySQL works very nicely. Sometimes the database connection is broken. It comes back in 3-4 seconds. DirectAdmin Task Queue Log - /var/log/directadmin/errortaskq.log - contains the following contents: 2019:11:20-11:22:01: service mysqld wasn't running, starting mysqld 2019:11:20-11:32:01...
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    DNS Error 100% resulted in an exception Results 50.0% recvfrom failed from 94.2.xx.xx; Connection refused - recvfrom(2) at (94.2.xx.xx) 50.0% recvfrom failed from 94.2.xx.xx; Connection refused - recvfrom(2) at (94.2.xx.xx) how can i solve?
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    All files chown change problem

    I entered the command accidentally in SSH. chown -R username / I had to cancel at short notice. but all sites does not open. Database is not working. How can I fix?
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    Create Automatic POP Account ?

    I would like to automatically create e-mail addresses when create user. [email protected], [email protected] etc... I did experiment with did not succeed.
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    php 5.2 & mysql 5.5

    i'm using php 5.2 and mysql 5.0 i want upgrade mysql to 5.5 or 5.6 php 5.2 and mysql 5.5 (or 5.6) is compatible? thanks
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    No acces via 2222 - 503 Service Unavailable

    Hi, i have no access via port :2222. Have tried a lots of suggested on the forum, but still no result. How can I solve the problem ? service directadmin restart Stopping DirectAdmin: [ OK ] Starting DirectAdmin: [ OK ]
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    i install fresh whmcs and & pages is this get error Site error: the file /home/xxx/domains/ requires the ionCube PHP Loader to be installed by the website operator. If you are...
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    All Databases

    I want (for root & admin) all db's in phpmyadmin. What should I do?
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    IP change

    mailed ([email protected]) to change the IP address. I wrote part of the support. ( Was more than 10 hours. But there was no answer. What should I do?
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    HTTPD cannot start

    An error has occurred /sbin/service httpd start 2>&1 i tryed disbled csf build all build php rebuild httpd rwerite conf etc. what can i do?
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    Original English Files ?

    English accidentally changed the language files. I need english language files for version 1.42.1 of directadmin. Thanks in advance
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    change operation system

    Mailed to a change in system operation. (support & billing) a process not yet been made. 1.5 hours ago I sent the mail. How long does the process. Processing of emergency.
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    Server refused to allocate pty

    I rebooted the server. SSH gives the following error: Server refused to allocate pty The server is not VPS. CentOS installed. How can I solve the problem?
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    Allocated Quota - Limit exceeded

    Hi, Clients overcome quotas. I do not want to suspend the customers account in excess of quota. I do not want to use more than limit. limit is exceeded, the site recommended to continue working. but avoid loading the file. So use 100% pass rate. Not 101%, and more. How can I do?
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    quota warning message customize

    subject: New Message: User xxx has used up 4.83% of his/her bandwidth and 119% of his/her allocated disk space content: A new message or response with subject: User xxx has used up 4.83% of his/her bandwidth and 119% of his/her allocated disk space has arrived for you to view. Follow this...