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  1. vlijmenlive

    V1.7.6 release availability

    Hello, Is there any way to upgrade OLS before the new version is available through custombuild? There is a bug fix that I would like to roll out ASAP since it's impacting may clients: [Bug Fix] Add ‘connection’ header to cache module Bypass Header list so that cache can work with HTTP/2 for...
  2. vlijmenlive

    Help needed for proxy_cache

    Hi Guys, I'm hosting a website for some friends on my server and because they are getting more and more visitors by the day I started looking into nginx proxy caching. I think this solution would be easier then going for Nginx-Varnish-Nginx-Apache due to SSL. Especially because I don't have any...
  3. vlijmenlive

    Static image processing, configuration

    Hi everyone, I've been running nginx_reverse for quite some time now and it all goes perfect. But since a few days I have a website running that has a lot of visitors, so I thought some improvements could be made to serve static content. I don't want to loose Apache completely due to site...
  4. vlijmenlive

    SSL issue on iOS with Nginx reverse proxy

    Hi All, I just noticed that the websits on my server are experiencing an issue when the visitor tries to access a website over HTTPS on his iOS device. Both iPad and iPhones seem to have the problem. I tried a lot to figure out what happens, but I don't know where to look at any more. Does...
  5. vlijmenlive

    Direct Admin Reseller Connection Plugin for Wordpress

    I just started to develop a Wordpress plugin for Resellers. Maybe it comes in handy for some people over her so thought i'd mention it her. Ofcourse it's possible to only use the Dashboard widget to see your reseller stats, and/or enable/disable the diffrent options to customize the usage...