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  1. flexjoly

    Bug? php-source exposed when php=off with nginx

    Hi, Just testing the php=off feature for a domain. Knowing that nginx does not parse php on its own, but will expose the source-file. If php is off for a user or domain, then nginx should disable any php/inc-file. So your source code is not shown by accident. For now I added/changed the...
  2. kristian

    Bug? Unable to modify login keys for admin without domain

    My admin user has a few login keys created. The admin user has no domains attached to the account. When I go into the Login Keys page and click on a Key Name to modify it, I get an error in the lower right corner No Domains There is no default domain; you should start with creating one first...
  3. MisterM

    Display bug due to DA update

    Hello I am using the latest version of DA and once again CSF is not displayed. what do I do, reinstall CSF ?
  4. MaXi32

    [BUG] I'm able to add IPv4 with an invalid prefix and IPv6 with invalid netmask in Directadmin using API

    I think this is a long-time bug. An IPv4 can only have a maximum prefix length of 32. I wonder what would happen in Directadmin system when this invalid prefix is there. In GUI mode, of course, you cannot do this as you have to enter it in the form of 255.XXX.XXX.0 I believe the step is easy to...
  5. P

    DirectAdmin v1.645 Message System bug

    When there's an IPv6 address reported in the Message System: Warning: The system load average is ---- it will be displayed as follows: 40 2001 IP '2001' currently has '40' connections Connection info for '2001': tcp6 0 0 OurIPv6:::443 2001:1c04:4c1b:23:54343 ESTABLISHED This...
  6. A

    BUG - Evolution skin - vacation messages

    URL: /user/email/vacations/create Problem: Vacation Account-drop-down list displays only few accounts. The number of accounts is equal of "Show XXX Results" in /user/email/accounts So, if you have more than 500 email-accounts you can't add vacation message for accounts bigger than 500
  7. Dettol

    Evolution skin bug

    Everytime when I change to evolution skin, and I go to for ssl certificates After I renew ssl cert or make renew request, Evolution skin will auto enable "Use this server to handle my e-mails, if not change the Max records and uncheck this option"(It...
  8. P

    Subdomain 301 to main domain, no alias given or .htaccess active (force redirect, possible bug)

    The title explains it all. The situation is: there's an alias connected to Due to the way the website has been programmed, when the website notices the user is on, it will present different content than when you'd be on, despite accessing the...
  9. K

    Bug updating MySQL

    When is upgrading MySQL give this error. Updating MariaDB. Dumping database da_roundcube Dumping database user1_user1 Dumping database user2_user2 Dumping database user3_user3 Dumping database mysql Reading package lists... Building dependency tree... Reading state information... E: Unable to...
  10. Richard G

    DA issue with limited packages (bug or shortcoming?).

    It seems I've discovered a bug a or a shortcoming of the option to limit packages. I've got users who only make use of e-mail. So I created e-mail packages for these users. Enabled the core function and e-mail only function. Next to that, I enabled the Letsencrypt function, because they should...
  11. Jordz2203

    DA Login Bug(?)

    Hi, Since the latest update being performed through custom build, I cant login properly, I type my details in, press the login button and nothing happens, then I have to click refresh page and it takes me to the panel, so clearly the login button is working, but not redirecting, maybe the...
  12. T

    [BUG] HTTPSocket doesn't follow redirects properly

    HTTPSocket doesn’t follow redirects properly 1. Add https default port (443) if no custom port is specified in the redirect URL 2. Forward basic auth data if nothing else is specified in the redirect URL - maybe an option/param should be added 3. Default query to an empty string if not...
  13. G

    Restore backup error bug DA ?

    Hi all, I'm trying transfer users from one server to new server via backup and transfer, but every time receive errors when restore account on new server: For example Error creating domain : <b>Unable to write user's httpd.conf</b> <b>Can't get lock on user's config...
  14. G

    Directadmin @user level language bug

    I find directadmin version 1.641 have a bug when you're in admin level than change to user level via right menu "User Level" than go to "DNS Administration" and select a domain you will find in this page, some of language's text will missing and just show "none" or "LANG_TTL" just like this...
  15. k1l0b1t

    Solved Bug: can't run unauthorized

    The script fails [email protected]:/usr/local/directadmin/scripts# ./ client admin {"type":"UNAUTHORIZED"}
  16. J

    CSF bug?

    I have suddenly got this: I have disable_functions defined in the php config file and it is working but still I get this error. This started about a month ago. CSF is not barking for other versions of PHP 7.3 and 8.0
  17. H

    ssl_cipher seems to be completely ignored: BUG?

    Hello all, We're trying to improve the SSL Cipherlist that's used for the DA service itself. According to the known docs, this should be controlled by the DirectAdmin conf setting "ssl_cipher":
  18. Richard G

    Solved How to change multiple users php selection? But php1_select= missing so.... how? Bug?

    Suppose my first php version is php 7.4. Now I want to change that to for example a 3rd php option and put php 8.0 first for example. How do we change this for all default users? As php1_select=1 is not present for default users in their domain.tld.conf file we can't use any command which says...
  19. k1l0b1t

    ./build clean does not delete all directories (possible BUG)

    I noticed custombuild does not delete direcoties used by php 8.1 builds, when running ./build clean. 899M ./php-8.1.3 898M ./php-8.1.2 898M ./php-8.1.1 898M ./php-8.1.0 I think ./build clean should remove these. Can I remove these safely? Thanks
  20. S

    install directadmin (full new installtion) fails - bash 5.1.4 bug ?

    ...bash version which showed this: Debian- GNU bash, version 5.1.4(1)-release (x86_64-pc-linux-gnu) CentOS7 - GNU bash, version 4.2.46(2)-release (x86_64-redhat-linux-gnu) I copied bash from centos to debian and after that it seems that the problem gone! so it seems a bug in bash somehow.....