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  1. smtalk

    Again the auto updating

    CustomBuild=DA, whichever you update, you get the other one updated as well. My guess is that you’ve updated CutomBuild there, which is in the same package.
  2. smtalk

    The service 'clamav-freshclam' on server * is currently down

    CentOS8 is end-of-life and not supported anymore.
  3. smtalk

    Installing packages

    Yes, you can :)
  4. smtalk

    ProFTPd not working after update

    Do you have any custom ProFTPd configuration in /usr/local/directadmin/custombuild/custom ?
  5. smtalk

    Upgrade curl

    10 years? Last cURL update on CentOS7 curl-7.29.0-59.el7.x86_64.rpm is ~2 years old, I'm not sure where "10 years" number has been taken from? yum -y update should update to 7.29.0-59 on CentOS7. You may want to read...
  6. smtalk

    DirectAdmin v1.646 has been released

    Why don’t you create DirectAdmin support ticket with access details?
  7. smtalk

    DirectAdmin v1.646 RC

    It's a segmentation fault, something unexpected happens and it'd need debugging. The response comes from Apache, not DA, and it's a case which should never happen. I'd suggest opening a support ticket for the assistance.
  8. smtalk

    DirectAdmin v1.646 has been released

    I don't think we need to hide the names :) If there is a room for improvement - I'd prefer suggestions, instead of going back to the old mechanism where part of DA was split into 2 packages (CB+DA). Even something as simple as MariaDB 10.3 support in CB and old DA brought major problems due to...
  9. smtalk

    After Update DA 1.646 Imap doesn't work

    We were unable to reproduce it as well.
  10. smtalk

    Redis is installed. How Do I configure it?

    You'd need to enable it in user-level :) What's the CMS you're trying to configure redis for? It has no password/port as it uses a unix socket. Example for WordPress:
  11. smtalk

    Exim version update problem

    I've replied you here:
  12. smtalk

    Exim update failed - can't move exim.conf file?

    I think you may have immutable flag set for /etc/exim.conf :) Maybe you've customized that file and didn't want it to get updated? Please check: lsattr /etc/exim.conf
  13. smtalk

    CustomBuild Install Problems - CSF and LibModSecurity

    Hm, it should work fine with pcre2-devel, which gets installed by CustomBuild. Do you have pcre2-devel as well on your system?
  14. smtalk

    CustomBuild Install Problems - CSF and LibModSecurity DA_SKIP_CSF=true DA_SKIP_SECURE_PHP=true ./ LICENSE-KEY I'd suggest creating a ticket on this one
  15. smtalk

    PHP Readline extension installed but not available

    It'll be there in next alpha build (this night), thank you for the report!
  16. smtalk

    DirectAdmin v1.645 has been released

    Typo, edited my original post. Thank you for the report!
  17. smtalk

    DirectAdmin v1.645 has been released

    If we do this, we'd check if md5sum matches original file (c66fa5c576426d50a5eec1965fcb02fa) from files1. And 1b44ddd6214a4aa94235ae9c3c227fb9 for proftpd.sftp.conf. So that we'd be sure port 23 was used, and non-working config as well :) Would you see any problems with it?
  18. smtalk

    DirectAdmin v1.645 has been released

    I was unable to reproduce it. Even after apache re-compilation. # /usr/sbin/suexec -V 2>&1 | grep 'AP_PER_DIR' -D AP_PER_DIR="yes" Would you mind creating a support ticket on it? (even if your license has no support, just name that an exception has been given for this case) Thank you!
  19. smtalk

    DirectAdmin v1.645 has been released

    It's been fixed in alpha build, we're still thinking if we should auto-remove custom configs in next update of DA, if there are any configs for SFTP. The fix with alpha would be: da update alpha rm -f /usr/local/directadmin/custombuild/custom/proftpd/conf/proftpd.conf rm -f...
  20. smtalk

    curl: (22) The requested URL returned error: 404 Not Found

    May you check if you have no custom_versions.txt file?