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    Selling (2x ) DirectAdmin External Lifetime Owned Licenses

    I have *two* External Lifetime Owned Licenses I am selling. I am asking $450 for them both (compare to $600 new for two licenses). PM me with any questions. I am glad to get the account verified with DirectAdmin staff as needed. Will take Paypal, and hand over account credentials upon receipt...
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    Prelink Failed

    CentOS 5.5 x86_64 DirectAdmin 1.37 PHP 5.2.17 with suPHP As a precursor, before I detail the problem, I want to provide some background info. This problem occurred sometime after recompiling PHP to have IMAP support. I followed the instructions found here
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    1.37 Unified FTP conversion question

    Just updated DirectAdmin to 1.37 and I am trying to run the simulation for the unified ftp password file conversion. - I enter the commands, but get no results. Does this mean that no files will have to be converted? [root@server directadmin]# cd...
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    Proper php.ini customizations for forward compatibility

    CentOS 5.5 x86_64 Custom Build 1.1 What is the proper place to edit php.ini customizations to ensure they will be kept in future version builds? (Does the php.ini ever get replaced with different changes)?
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    Security PHP Defaults, with override a possibility

    Hello, I am looking to make some changes to the master php.ini to disable the following functions by default, however am needing advice on how to set this up so that users can override them on an as-needed basis. Wether it's me making the changes as needed to a root-owned php.ini file in each...
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    WTB: DirectAdmin Lifetime Owned License

    Hello, I am interested in buying / transferring a pre-owned license if you have a lifetime DA owned license to sell. Please Private Message me with your offers, and if applicable, the number of licenses you have available for purchase/transfer. The License must be valid and confirmed as such...
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    DirAdmin ServerWide Subdomain Template

    Hello, I've attempted without any luck on using DirectAdmin's template system to create a universal server wide subdomain entry for the purpose of allowing my clients easier access to the DirectAdmin control panel. I desire to use something like and have it resolve to...
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    High Memory Usage, Advice appreciated!

    Hello. I am using a VPS from, with 360MB memory, and 4 separate Quad-Core CPU's. After a hard reboot, only five minutes later, My CentOS 5.3_x86-64 setup is up to using 355MB of 360 Available (virtually dedicated) memory. Worth noting, My CentOS was installed with bare minimum setup...