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    High load or under DDos attacks?

    Hello, I got alerts in my directadmin with system high load from 10 to 15 sometimes, when I enabled Cloudflare DDOs protection for my website then my website worked, if I turned off DDOs protection on Clouflare then my site keeps loading...and server may be high load. Is it High load or under...
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    How to update ConfigServer Security & Firewall?

    I am using old version of ConfigServer Security & Firewall, I want to update this? what commands to do to upgrade ConfigServer Security & Firewall? Thanks
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    Brute-Force Attack detected in service log on User(s) nologin, root

    Hello, I am getting more these I blocked more IPs in ConfigServer Security & Firewall but seem it still doesn't stop. What is the effective way to block these Brute-Force Attacks? Thanks
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    How to recreate ibdata1 on my server?

    Hello Directadmin support staff, Unluckily, I cleared all content of ibdata1 file in /var/lib/mysql and now I can not connect to Mysql server, I can not restart mysql server. I tried but it showed this error [root@srv mysql]# sudo service mysqld start Starting MariaDB.190915 06:09:20...
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    Can I move a domain to another hosting that it is being used as nameservers?

    Hello, I am using this domain as nameservers for my hosting server and under it there are some websites running with this nameservers For examples: but not I want to move to a new hosting server but still keep other websites...
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    How to Redirect Visitors Based on Country or IP Address?

    I want to redirect Visitors Based on their Country or IP Address. How can I do that with Directadmin and htacess? For examples: A person from UK will be redirected to this url: A person from US will be redirected to this url: Default users from other countries...
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    Redirect subdomain to URL like this?

    Hello, I want to redirect my subdomain to these URL ---> ---> --->...
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    Install SSL for my sub domain name?

    Hello, As Guide from Directadmin articles, I could install SSL (HTTPS) for my website (root domain name) Now I created a sub domain name but it could not run with https, How to enable this for sub domain name in Directadmin? Thank you!
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    How to enable Imagemagick PECL extension on my Directadmin?

    Can you tell me how to enable Imagemagick PECL extension on my Directadmin? my website script is requring this feature but as I checked then Imagemagick PECL is not installed on my server. How can I install it quickly with easy steps? Thanks
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    How to Upgrade MariaDB to latest version on Directadmin?

    I am having MariaDB running on my Directadmin, It was for months and I think MariaDB has new version. How can I check if my MariaDB is old and what are steps to upgrade MariaDB to the latest version? Thanks in advance.
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    How to configure email queue in Directadmin?

    Hello, I have sent an announcement to my forum members about 20K members but a part of email is sent while I am seeing too many email queue in admin page of Directadmin. How to configure email queue in Directadmin to have more emails to be sent in a day or I can send all emails once? Thanks
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    Debian or Centos, which one is better for Directadmin?

    I am using Debian for on Plesk hosting and using Centos for Directadmin. I see that Plesk is pretty fast when running on Debian. My question is, can I use Debian to run Directadmin and it is better than Centos?
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    Needing a fast VPS hosting for my smartphone forum

    Hello, I am looking for a fast hosting for my smartphone forum (built on Xenforo 2 cms), prefer using Directadmin or Plesk and it is great if you can offer Directadmin or Plesk license monthly with good price on your hosting plan. The budget is about $30+ /month. Please offer me server...
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    Windows VPS Hosting?

    Does anyone here offer Windows VPS Hosting? I am needing a plan for 3 months to use. Please recommend some. Thanks
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    Why I can not get email score 10/10 for my email?

    Why I am getting this error testing with mail-tester .com and its alearing that: Your DKIM signature is not valid My score is just 6.7/10 and I can get it 10/10 I have already got _dmarc, spf, DKIM on my Directadmin I have same problem on cPanel. but on Plesk control panel, it is easy to...
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    Can not assign a new IP to an user on a reseller account?

    Hello, I follow this guide and I succeeded to add 2 new IP addressed to 2 accounts on a reseller on Directadmin last week But today I have a new IP and do same things but I could not see new IP when modify an user account. Why? Where to check...
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    How to change from Apache to Nginx?

    I am using Apache on Directadmin and I heard that Nginx web server is better and lighter. It is possible to change my web server from Apache to Nginx? Thanks in advance.
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    Pointing wrong directory in Directadmin?

    Hello, Can Directadmin support me find the reason why I assigned a dedicated IP to an user then immediately my domain is pointing to a folder and it is showing this Apache is functioning normally I assigned an IP to an User ( in a reseller account as this guide ) because i want to install...
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    How to install a SSL certificate using DirectAdmin

    I want to use free SSL from Cloudflare for my websites and using Directadmin to setup. How can I do that? any guide?
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    How to switch from Apache to Nginx on Directadmin?

    Hello, Is it possible to How to switch from Apache to Nginx web server on Directadmin? I am using Apache but I heard that Nginx is more better, so I want to give a try. Any suggestions? Thanks Tommy