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  1. jcritch

    Having trouble restarting DirectAdmin

    I am somewhat new to DirectAdmin and have read everything I can find on restarting DirectAdmin after installing an SSL. I have tried "service directadmin restart" and /etc/init.d/directadmin restart to no avail (at least it doesn't seem so as I cannot call directadmin on 2222 with https://) I...
  2. jcritch

    Can't sign into DA

    For reasons I won't go into I had to rebuild my VPS. Of course that meant I had to reinstall DA. Everything went fine until I tried to sign in. Then it tells me my credentials are wrong. After checking setup.txt, I changed the password. Still no luck. So, I decided to try to log into DA using...
  3. jcritch

    Direct opes with HTTP instead of HTTPS

    I just installed DirectAdmin and opened the GUI but the instructions show https://. I cannot open it that way. But http:// works. What did I not install? I know, a cert but shouldn't it have installed with the installation files?
  4. jcritch

    I am having trouble installing

    I am trying to install on a VPS with Debian 9. When I run wget in SSH, it starts finding everything but then I get ERROR: The certificate of '' ids not trusted ERROR: The certificate of "' hasn't got a known issurer Any...