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  1. CrazyMouse

    HOW TO modsecurity (freeBSD)

    Updated- how to from for DA with FreeBSD: Oke, This is to install mod_security How to install? 1. Login to your server through SSH and su to the root user. 2. First your going to start out by grabbing the latest version of mod_security wget...
  2. CrazyMouse

    550 authentication required

    I restarted today my Exim and vm-Pop3d Now I get 550 authentication required errors when sending mail. Reseiving is no problem. before I had no problem :S Just after the restart this moning. and yes I firs check and then sent the mail
  3. CrazyMouse

    Big bug in phpBB

    please read this URL open viewtopic.php in any text editor. Find the following section // // Was a highlight request part of the URI? // $highlight_match = $highlight = ''; if (isset($HTTP_GET_VARS['highlight'])) { // Split...
  4. CrazyMouse

    exim_mainlog big

    My exim_mainlog is 53 MB I set my logs to 50, but this one is still getting bigger. Anyone have a sollution? I read a other topic, and I says that my log must be called: mainlog but, if I deleted it, It will make it by himself exim_mainlog (and the logviewer is searching for mainlog and nog...
  5. CrazyMouse

    quota problem

    I read this forum, and do some things. I have the problem with the space. Its not right. All the time I think it was that i dont have the qouta on, on the server. but checked. put it on. And works fine if I check by hand. and I dont know whats the problem. becouse. If I count the database and...
  6. CrazyMouse

    /var full

    My /var is everytime full. It is 250mb I must delete logs to empty my var.. how do I make my /var bigger for all my logs?? Or is there something else I must do?
  7. CrazyMouse

    Question about paying with PayPal

    It is not related to DirectAdmin, but if I want to pay by paypal, I just add money to my paypal account true my bank. And if the money is on it I can pay it bye my paypal account, without any use of credit cards? Because I wane buy an “all life time” licence. And it’s a lot of money and wants to...
  8. CrazyMouse

    reinstalled dubble services starting

    If i reboot my system, all my services trying te start 2 times. ftp/shhd/httpd/ etc. i have, before i booted, did this: ./build clean ./build all and now, all services ar booting again but will give errors, becouse, all ports are in use. so he cant boot it 2 times. and keeps going on and...
  9. CrazyMouse

    php gone??

    I installed today direct admin, works al fine php/sql/mail. i wanne install the mod_bandwidth. I restart apache and get this error: anke# httpd restart Syntax error on line 160 of /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf: Cannot add module via name 'mod_php4.c': not in list of loaded modules anke# and...