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    Need help to check some errors in 2 directadmin setups

    Hi- I need help to sanitise/check 2 directadmin setups. More info when u send email to, also include your fee. Regards Virgo Jaani
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    Subdomain name length limited to 12 characters

    Hi- Just found intresting behaviour of my server and cant find a solutions. I have dedicated server (I own the damn thing), running CentOS 5.4 with latest DirectAdmin. Wanted to make subdomain like - subdomain part in this url is 13 characters - and it did not solve...
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    Custom subdomain folder

    Hi- I have read most the knowledgebase and forum threads about subdomain location, but still cant figure it out. I want all my subdomains created in subdomain folder outside public_html or if this is not possible - inside public_html, but in separate folder called 'subdomain". I tried to...