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    Exim only accept mail if rule match

    Hi all, I've got a question: For one user, I would only like to accept mail if it matches a rule (subject contains). Is this possible? I couln't quite find it myself.
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    Zend Optimizer + Ioncube + Eaccelerator

    Hi all, I'm trying to get Zend Optimizer + Ioncube + Eaccelerator working on PHP 5.2 CLI. Zend Optimizer + Ioncube is no problem and this is running as we speak. Current php.ini zend section: zend_extension=/usr/local/lib/
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    Firebug: Waiting

    Hi all, On one of our clients servers a website is beginning to get a bit slow. When looking at it with Firefox's plugin Firebug, it says that it is basicly waiting 3-4 seconds before beginning to load all the website components. I think this is the bottleneck. See attachment. Pinging to the...
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    Professional server management or migration

    Did you ever feel the need to call names at your webhost because the server went down again? Or would you just migrate your cPanel or PLESK accounts to Directadmin? Then no more, just call in the expert! Our low-priced server management options allow us to manage your server starting from 35...
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    Glib exploit

    Hi everybody, Please update your glibc installation as soon as possible because of this exploit. Don't know how to? Send me a PM (:
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    Server management

    You've got a problem with your (DA based) Linux based server? Do you want your server to be up-to-date with tested updates before applying them on your servers? Or are you just looking for someone with enough knowledge to manage your server and support you and your customers? Hire the...
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    Directadmin backup format

    Dear ladies and gentlemen, Is there an option to change the default directadmin backup format. What I mean is when you create a backup the name is by default as following: I would like to change this into something like the following (any unique parameter will do...