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    DA Webmail demo

    Hello, We would like to offer for new customers Webmail demo. Is it possible? Thanks
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    Quota limit & account info

    Hello, I have a (problem?) with account auto suspend. In package options "Suspend at limit" is selected, but there are few users over disk space quota. DirectAdmin doesn't suspend them, websites working fine. So, when DA thinks that user really is out of resources? Second problem: account info...
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    doest email forwarding eat bw?

    hello, doest email forwarding eat bw? thanks
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    suspended: how to set account back?

    Hello everyone, We have one user which used too many bw and got his account suspended. I turned it on today, but account dont want to get back to normal status. What to do if its already >4 hours after user is unsuspended but website shows "This account has been suspended." (everything...
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    admin wanted (one time, to fix email problem, 20$)

    Hello, We have problem with our email system. We (in magical way) are not allowed to send msgs to another server. Already tried to divine where could be problems, but....ineffectively( ) We need experienced administrator, who could fix our...
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    auto sign up script from page: possible?

    Hellow everyone, Maybe anyone know solution for user, which want to place sign up for on his webpage? There is any script who could automaticaly create mailboxes or.... ?;/ ? Thank you for suggestions :)
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    problem with default email address

    Hello everyone, we have a problem here: sennding email from default email ccount, system in "sender" field shows "sended from", not "". Where can be a problem? Thank you
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    how to change email users pass on DA?

    Hello everyone, We toked one server with DA, so now will torment this forum :) Could anyone say, how user can change his email password? Cannot find this option in any of webmail clients. :/ Thank you for help :)
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    what if we dont want to provide smtp?

    Hey everyone, We disabled SMTP function on our server. The problems is, what when we user creates email account, DA shows "POP3 server:" "SMTP server:" How to disable this msg? Thank you
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    how many hours do you sleep at night?

    Hey everyone, Just wondering about your life and your sleep... how many hours normaly you spending in your bed? You to there regularly? Always? Me: how i hate this! :) Since i first saw computer my life is damned. Going to bed at 3am, 5am, 7am, dont sleep at all. Huh. Nice. :) What about...