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    Accessing MySQL from Plugin

    Hi, I'm wondering is it possible to store Credential/Login information for other services in the MySQL server of the server where a Plugin is installed? I'm working on a plugin that would communicate with other services, and I'm looking for a secure way to store saved login credentials. -REPlummer
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    CentOS 4.4/DA 1.27.5/Pop Problems.....

    Hi all... I'm hoping someone here can help me... I had some hardware troubles with a box a few months back and never fully recovered from it, so just yesterday, I backedup all my users, wiped the drive, installed CentOS 4.4 and then DirectAdmin. Once I got my license changed (went back to...
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    CustomApache/GCC Problem

    Hi all, about a week or 2 ago, I had a HDD go bad on a server, and it took a bit of data with it. I managed to get most of it back using backups (I love automated backups)... My problem is, since then, I've been running into little problems and here is the latest. When trying to compile apache...