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    unable to connect

    I installed the system about a month and a half ago, everything worked fine, I added sites and everything is excellent. I'm trying to connect now to the system I can not, access through ssh is active but the interface does not open. I also did a server restart, but it did not help. Can anyone...
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    Is it a bug?

    It should be a number and not a letter
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    Bug Reporting There is a bug in what is shown in the picture - the person responsible for this is the following: format:datetime format:date
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    Evolution Hebrew Language Translation - 1.55

    Evolution Hebrew Language Translation - 1.56 For all speakers of the Hebrew language - the translation for the latest version is available at the following link. version=4108b0d84e3450d04c9219c2305576338c8b986d
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    What about the possibility of RTL support

    I started translating into the Hebrew language - but RTL is not supported and therefore it seems incomplete. You can see a picture
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    directadmin not sending me email

    Hello, directadmin not sending me emails? What should I do to fix this? Please help.