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    Drupal not uploading attachments after moving to DA Server.

    So I moved a bunch of sites from a cpanel server to a DA server using the 'cpanel to directadmin' tool (great tool by the way!). A couple of sites had Drupal installs working perfectly. After the move, the sites can no longer upload attachments either with Drupals upload module or fckeditors...
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    Syncing Drupal to DA email

    I am attempting to use Drupals user profiles to manage email accounts on a DA server. I contracted with a coder to provide the script, but now he has not completed it, nor responds to my emails :( This script will create email accounts using the "directmail_adduser" and "directmail_bulk_form"...
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    MailScanner/Spamassassin/ClamAV Problems

    I have followed the how-to's in the forum, but still have trouble getting MailScanner/Spamassassin/ClamAV to work.. Is there someone out there who could look at my install and help out? Thanks