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    Small font with some DNS records (mostly spf)

    What panel are you talking about? Directadmin and enhanced skin makes this "bug" specially with custom created zones

    hosting sub domain - with nameservers etc

    You have to use Multi Server Setup. I think it's the best way to do this. In fact, I use by this way for my DirectAdmin Servers

    Web Disk Feature

    I will apreciate a Web Disk Feature like cPanel have. It's about using your web hosting space as cloud for storage.

    It's safe to upgrade the OS from outside Directadmin Panel and Custombuild?

    I have 128 updates avaliables at centos OS but from Custombuild I haven't no one. It's safe to update from SSH OS avaliables updates?

    Outlook error with pop3 ssl port 995

    I have error retrivieng and connecting from outlook with ssl enable, port 995 pop3 account. this happend after dovecot 2.3.2 update. my clients still use outlook 2007. please help, i have error with wrong autenticate protocol. when retrivieng emails. if i disable ssl and config port to 110 its...

    I will like to contribute with spanish translation for Evolution Skin

    I will like to contribute with spanish translation for the new skin. I will be glad if you need assistance. Sorry admin if this thread isn't in the right place of forum, please move it where it should go.

    Spanish language pack for Enhanced skin - Paquete Lenguaje Español para piel Enhanced

    Updated 1.51.3 - Spanish language pack Enhanced - Paquete Lenguaje Español Enhanced I will like to contrib wiht Spanish Translation for Enhanced Skin Feel free to use it. Likewise, to install any of these tar.gz files, save them to: /usr/local/directadmin/data/skins/ehanced/lang cd...