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    Friends, I'm from Brazil and I'm activating the CC_ALLOW_FILTER option of the CSF for the country of Brazil and the USA (BR, US) The problem is that when I activate these two countries all my dns stop responding, is it some validation of ips that I have to release to work, or add a country to...
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    enable TLS smtp

    Hello, how to enable TLS for SMTP mail sending? Because I can only send emails without any security, if I choose SSL or TLS the emails are not sent! Thank you very much
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    enable SMTP

    Friends, I installed the latest version of DA and already inserted some domains, configured the smmp of whmcs with an account of one of the domains of DA, but whmcs can not connect in smtp of DA, Already released in DA the option SMTP_BLOCK = Off but it does not solve. What do I need to do to...