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  1. Pate

    Looking for recurring Server Management

    Hello, Currently planning to migrate from a cPanel server to a new DA server. The current server runs cPanel and CloudLinux and has around 30 sites (mostly my own). Looking to migrate these 30 sites as well as a few from an old DA instance to a new server running CloudLinux with DirectAdmin. I...
  2. Pate

    Anyone experiencing various missing assets (mainly images)?

    Hello, First of all I must say I'm very impressed how CB2 is moving along and hope DA will continue to improve like this. It makes me glad I chose DA those many years ago. However I got this weird problem with the server I upgraded to CB2.0. Running NGiNX with PHP5.6 by PHP-FPM. Versions: (DA...
  3. Pate

    "Shared SSL" with CB2

    Hey all, Thinking of upgrading a server to use CB2, but bit worried about my current configuration will still work after the change. I currently host a few accounts with their own domains. These domains need to use SSL for certain parts of the site and to avoid getting dedicated IPs for each...
  4. Pate

    Processor choice - i5 vs AMD x4

    Hey all, Long time since I visited these forums, but been taking a break from the industry of hosting and focusing in webdevelopment instead. Lately a lot of my clients been asking for advices on hosting and thought it was time to get back into business and offer them the full package. Will be...
  5. Pate

    Issues with license/updates?

    Don't wanna spam the support like the rest might do, in case this is a problem at their end (which I think it is). Having issues updating both to the latest version and can't validate my license. Updating gives me this error: Error restoring file /usr/local/directadmin/update.tar.gz : gzip...
  6. Pate

    OS to use with DA

    Hello there, I am currently a cPanel user about to migrate to Direct Admin. So far everything looks good, but when it comes to OS selections I am not really sure what to pick. I noticed FreeBSD is supported, but this doesn't work that well with cPanel as far as I know. This leaves me thinking...