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    Anyone else having problems with the latest version of Evolution and Installatron?

    Anyone else having problems with the latest version of Evolution and Installatron? I'm just getting the animated image and it finally times out, shows an animated red x and reloads in a loop. Thoughts?
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    Trying to use Admin Backup/Transfer w/ a s3fs mount but it's failing

    I've created a mount with s3fs and I'm trying to use Admin Backup/Transfer to send backups to that mountpoint but I'm not having any luck. Even if I give the destination folders 777 permissions I'm getting: Path /whatever does not exist or is not accessible by the admin user. Permission...
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    Error code: SSL_ERROR_NO_CYPHER_OVERLAP - Seems to effect Firefox only

    I'm getting the following errors for https on a server using FF. It seems only 1 server is impacted - and again, only FF. Firefox is update to date as are all server modules. Any suggestions? -------------------- Secure Connection Failed An error occurred during a connection to [domain]...
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    CSS Issue - Please add background to record type dropdown so that it's not transparen

    CSS Issue - Please add background to record type dropdown so that it's not transparent.
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    Limit hosting accounts by visits per month / monthly visitors?

    A lot of hosters have moved to "unlimited bandwidth" and are now limiting by monthly visits or monthly pageviews. IE: WPEngine with 25k visits/mo with their basic account up to 400k visits/mo for $250... IE: WebSynthesis offers 10,000 to 300,000 pageviews per day depending on the package. Is...
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    Brute Force Monitor and Multi Server

    Is it possible to have the Brute Force Monitor join forces with other machines in a multi-server environment? Or, is it possible to have CSF cluster ban IP's based on Brute Force attempts? It could be a great little add if it's not already possible... It drives me nuts manually adding these...
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    Multi Server Troubles

    I have 7 machines connected to each other using Multi Server. 6 of the 7 machines are working flawlessly and connecting to each other without issue. But 1 machine is connecting fine to all but 1 of the other machines. This connection was working in the past. Here's what I get on the machine...
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    Maldet detecting something in my cb php

    Has anyone else seen this? FILE HIT LIST: {MD5}php.exe.globals.5026 : /usr/local/directadmin/custombuild/php-5.5.21/ext/standard/tests/general_functions/bug50732.phpt => /usr/local/maldetect/quarantine/bug50732.phpt.4873 {MD5}php.exe.globals.5196 ...
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    How do you make Dovecot Sieve search for content in the message header? Possible?

    I'm sending all my inbound mail for a domain through a spam washing relay host. The problem though is that the spammers are sending junk straight to the servers IP bypassing the relay server. What I want to do is set a rule in Sieve that looks for the known IP addresses of the relay machine...
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    DA User control of blacklists

    Hey all... This is probably a silly idea but I'm curious how difficult (if not impossible) would it be in the DA user control panel to provide the users with a list of email blacklists and then allow them to select which ones their mail would be filtered by? I have some users who want to use...
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    ./build exim

    Trying to update exim with custom build and I'm getting the following... I haven't seen this before. cyrus_sasl is installed. Any help would be greatly appreciated... Thanks. John [root@host1 custombuild]# ./build exim File already exists MD5 Checksum on exim-4.84.tar.gz passed. File...
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    Domain Pointers not included in Backup/Restore

    So I learned this morning that Domain Pointers are not included in the DA full back-up/restore. I had about 800 domains loaded in that it looks like I've got to manually re-add. Can anyone give me any insight into this? Thanks, John
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    Bulk Domain Import for Domain Pointer

    I have a couple thousand domain names that I want to add to a domain pointer list. Is there a method of importing a comma separated list rather than manually adding them? I looked for "recent" posts regarding this and came up empty. Any thoughts, instruction or guidance would be...
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    Email Sending via RoundCube Very Slow - But just for one user account.

    I have a user who has been complaining about her email being slow. So I set up a test account and everything was lightening fast. I told her the server looked fine. She continued to complain so I then logged into her account via roundcube and proceeded to send a few test emails. The emails...
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    Blank Screen w/ RoundCube 0.9.5 - Fix

    If you are upgrading your old custom build you may find that RoundCube gives you a blank page when you try to log in. After racking my brain and searching I found the easy solution. Even though the log will report a database issue, it's actually a permissions issue. chmod 755...
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    SSH Jailed System - Restore Errors

    Hi All, I've done this: When my users do a restore from a backup they are receiving the following error: Cannot Execute Your Request Details Error extracting /home/userdirectory/backups/backup/home.tar.gz : /bin/tar: home/userdirectory: Cannot...