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  1. unihostbrasil

    DirectAdmin v1.645 has been released

    Curl update is not working on CloudLinux. When starting the update, the installation gets stuck on this: The new CustomBuild interface says there is a command being executed, and doesn't let you perform the other updates: "Active command: doMigrateToSystemCur"
  2. unihostbrasil

    DirectAdmin v1.643 RC

    @DirectAdmin Support Bug report - After logout, the browser is redirected to https://domain:2222/login, but this address displays the default page instead of the custom login page (/usr/local/directadmin/data/templates/custom/login.html)! This is causing a number of tickets to be opened in our...
  3. unihostbrasil

    JBMC / DirectAdmin privacy compliance

    @DirectAdmin Support Every day more companies and governments around the world are demanding partners who are compliant with data privacy laws. It would be nice if JBMC/DirectAdmin could participate in Privacy Shield, just like cPanel does...
  4. unihostbrasil

    DirectAdmin v1.641 has been released

    After this update we started to have problems with the customization of the menu (Customize Evolution Skin area). The interface indicates that the changes were saved, but it is possible to notice that it was not saved when reloading the page. The "Layout" menu also started to display a blank...
  5. unihostbrasil

    DirectAdmin v1.63.4 has been released

    Two other BUGs (CustomBuild plugin): 1) At the admin level, the window that opens when performing an update only displays the "Cancel" button, even after the update is complete. The correct thing would be to display the "Close" button display after the update is finished. 2) The "UPDATE"...
  6. unihostbrasil

    DirectAdmin v1.63.4 has been released

    Hello @DirectAdmin Support / @fln . Another possible bug - In the vacation message area, when selecting a future date in "start or end of vacation", the date filled in the form field is one day before the selected date (the bug only does not occur when selecting exactly one day after the day...
  7. unihostbrasil

    DirectAdmin v1.63.4 has been released

    Thanks for the update. When upgrading from version 1.63.3 to 1.63.4, Evolution Skin's default layout was changed from "standard" to "refreshed" on dozens of servers we manage, which is very annoying. This is the second time this has happened after an update.
  8. unihostbrasil

    DirectAdmin 1.63.2 has been released

    Thanks for the quick feedback and for checking the scripts. The update was from version 1.63.1 (updated on 2021-11-09 12:24) to 1.63.2.
  9. unihostbrasil

    DirectAdmin 1.63.2 has been released

    After we updated the server of one of our customers to DirectAdmin 1.63.2, some problems started to occur, apparently maintenance tasks stopped running, like night tally. We checked /var/log/directadmin/errortaskq.log, which was full of this error: DirectAdmin, however, was fully accessible to...
  10. unihostbrasil

    [BUG] Inconsistency in the api HTTP return code

    Another bug: The log /var/log/directadmin/YYYY-MMM-DD.log is logging the wrong HTTP version. I'm using HTTP/2 to request /CMD_CHANGE_EMAIL_PASSWORD but the log incorrectly shows: ...POST /CMD_CHANGE_EMAIL_PASSWORD HTTP/1.1 email user
  11. unihostbrasil

    [BUG] Inconsistency in the api HTTP return code

    @DirectAdmin Support, there is an inconsistency in the HTTP code returned by the api, at least in CMD_CHANGE_EMAIL_PASSWORD. When json=yes, the API wrongly returns HTTP 500 error when there is any user/password validation error. When api=yes or no return format is given, the API returns code...
  12. unihostbrasil

    [BUG] Dovecot incorrect spam folder

    The ./build dovecot_conf currently ignores the option directadmin.conf/spam_inbox_prefix. Even with the spam_inbox_prefix=1 option (which is the DirectAdmin default), the /etc/dovecot/conf/namespace_private.conf file uses the SPECIAL-USE flag "\Junk" in the wrong folders: mailbox Junk {...
  13. unihostbrasil

    BUG : Admin Backups

    @smtalk Another similar bug @ "monitor backup" screen: Tested in DA v.1.63.0. Thanks
  14. unihostbrasil

    Solved Bug - Admin backups, Skip Suspended in modify existing schedule isn't populated

    @smtalk The option "Skip Suspended" remains buggy. When you are creating a new backup and "All Users" is selected, the "Ignore Suspension" option is not displayed... It is just displayed in the backup modify screen. Tested in DA v.1.63.0. Thanks
  15. unihostbrasil

    [BUG] DA password minimum length x Roundcube

    Another detail to consider in the main Roundcube configuration file (/var/www/html/roundcube/config/ - The $config['default_folders'] configuration should no longer be used, it was removed many years ago...
  16. unihostbrasil

    [BUG] DA password minimum length x Roundcube

    Hello, The CB script is not considering the value of difficult_password_length_min/directadmin.conf to set the Roundcube plugin password: roundcube/plugins/password/ $config['password_minimum_length'] It would also be nice to keep the plugin option $config['password_log']...
  17. unihostbrasil

    Roundcube 1.5 released

    We proudly announce the final release of the next major version 1.5 of Roundcube webmail. With this milestone we introduce new features and full PHP 8.0 support. The most noteworthy additions are: Dark mode for Elastic skin OAuth2/XOauth support (with plugin hooks) Collected recipients and...
  18. unihostbrasil

    Webmail One-click login with /webmail path

    Hello @DirectAdmin Support , Unfortunately the "one_click_webmail_link=/webmail" option doesn't work well as the "/roundcube" path is hardcoded in the direct_login/index.php plugin: $url = $secure ? 'https' : 'http'; $url .= '://'.$_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'].'/roundcube/'; I would like to propose...
  19. unihostbrasil

    Missing e-mail last login info

    Same problem with "email_show_last_password_change" feature:
  20. unihostbrasil

    Missing e-mail last login info

    The feature "email_show_last_login" is not working with Evolution Skin: Thanks