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  1. interfasys

    Specify license in scripts

    I think there isn't a single DA script which includes a header indicating the license under which these scripts are released. This makes it impossible to re-use things like daemons or utility scripts in other projects. Could we please either have a general statement that everything is released...
  2. interfasys

    Wrong group used for chmod in letsencrypt script

    Setting up cert for WWW server... chown: root: illegal group name Setting up cert for FTP server... chown: root: illegal group name The script should either add exceptions or automatically get the group from a known good source.
  3. interfasys

    Php 7.0.3

    Grab the source from
  4. interfasys

    [Security] phpMyAdmin
  5. interfasys

    PHP 7.0 has been released and we still can't use it in production on DA servers

    Get the code to test locally, but we really, really need DA and Custombuild to let us compile any version of PHP and let customers pick the one they want to use. Lots of project run very well on 7.0 already and the performance boost is non-negligible...
  6. interfasys

    PHP 7.0.0rc6, 5.6.15 and friends

    ### 5.6.15 Core: Fixed bug #70681 (Segfault when binding $this of internal instance method to null). Fixed bug #70685 (Segfault for getClosure() internal method rebind with invalid $this). Date: Fixed bug #70619 (DateTimeImmutable segfault). Mcrypt: Fixed bug #70625 (mcrypt_encrypt() won't...
  7. interfasys

    [FR] Make session.save_path an option

    The path for session.save_path is hardcoded into a PHP ini file, but some of us prefer to use a memcache solution for performance and security reasons, so it would be great if we would specify that path in options.conf or have that ini file in config, so that we can create a customised version...
  8. interfasys

    Apache 2.4 multiple vulnerabilities Apache HTTP Server 2.4.16 is available for download from:
  9. interfasys

    webapps open_basedir value should work out of the box when uncommenting

    This is in custombuild/configure/fpm/conf/php-fpm.conf.55 ;php_admin_value[open_basedir] = /tmp:/var/tmp:/var/www/html:/usr/local/php55/lib/php This is in build APP_TMP=/var/www/tmp Apps which need to upload files via PHP will fail if one just uncomments that open_basedir line in...
  10. interfasys

    Need to switch to doveadm for email quota calculation

    The current method used by Directadmin to calculate email quota leads to wrong results on compressed filesystems such as ZFS. A mailbox may contain messages totalling 100MB according to Dovecot which uses the message size to calculate it, but they will only take 60MB of disk space. I suggest...
  11. interfasys

    phpMyAdmin 4.2.13 + bonus patch

    Last release of that branch (2014-11-30) phpMyAdmin-4.2.13-all-languages.7z 5.0 MiB 0325deecf4c0f54f0520387aef1f8973 phpMyAdmin-4.2.13-english.7z 3.5 MiB a1674bbc01378f7be55e5ad6811944d0 8.9 MiB 4c9cdabaab743f4e8f2e081b28dc0a42...
  12. interfasys

    [SECURITY] phpMyAdmin 4.2.12

    MANY SECURITY FIXES Available from the usual places (2014-11-20) - bug #4574 Blank/white page when JavaScript disabled - bug #4577 Multi row actions cause full page reloads - bug ReferenceError: targeurl is not defined - bug Incorrect text/icon display in Tracking report - bug #4404...
  13. interfasys

    [Doc] wrong permission for SSL key chmod 644 /etc/exim.key
  14. interfasys

    phpMyAdmin (2014-10-31) - bug ReferenceError: Table_onover is not defined - bug #4552 Incorrect routines display for database due to case insensitive checks - bug #4259 reCaptcha sound session expired problem - bug #4557 PHP fatal error, undefined function __() - bug #4568 Date displayed...
  15. interfasys

    Script to track CB changes

    If you're like me, you've made some modifications to disable unwanted features or to patch some apps so that they behave the way you want to. You probably also has lots of custom config files. Tracking changes in CB is a pain, if not impossible. We learn about new features if we track this...
  16. interfasys

    [bug] CB wants to install version 0 from custom_versions.txt

    When trying to install PHP I get Downloading icu4c-0-src.tgz... This is because of this if [ "${OS}" = "FreeBSD" ]; then if [ ${MAINVER} -ge 10 ]; then if [ ! -e /usr/local/lib/ ]; then removeLockfile; doICU; fi else if [ ! -d /usr/local/icu/lib ]...
  17. interfasys

    New removal feature

    I'm not sure how far you want to take the feature, but I think it would be good if it was designed to ignore apps in custom_versions.txt
  18. interfasys

    [Bug] Wrong template diff links

    I think the template diff idea is great, but it doesn't work properly Only the first 2 links or correct, any link after that is using the 2nd URL.
  19. interfasys

    [Security] phpMyAdmin

    Description With a crafted database or table name it is possible to trigger an XSS in SQL debug output when enabled and in server monitor page when viewing and analysing executed queries.
  20. interfasys

    Time to drop SSLv3 drom DA SSLv3 has to be disabled today from the web server and that's easy enough to do. Next steps are to get rid of it completely asap. It's easy to get rid of SSLv3 on FreeBSD, compiling OpenSSL ourselves, not...