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    Welcome Some days ago we buy firewall cisco. But now our Direct Admin not work. We have still same external ip of our machine, but this is firewall-> we have 192.168.x.x ip. What i can do or Direct Admin do to work on Lan network? This is sick- we pay for DA, but i don't know why he dont work on...
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    subdomain cant' create?!

    welcome when i try create subdomain in Direct admin i see this: Error creating /home/fanfille/domains/ Unknown error Error creating /home/fanfille/domains/ A directory component in...
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    how install Direct Admin on Debian 3.1

    Welcome. How can i install Direct Admin on Debian? Is it possible and if yes how? Maybe can anybody help me? ;)
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    Bandwidth stop and disk spacer incorrect

    Welcome My bw stats in used resoruces in top after login to DA admin account stop and don't refresh, Also disk space used also show error. I try dh- r and nothing, try restart DA and still hangup Please help
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    Wanted CP->DA spec migration

    Welcome I just transfer my backup user account from cp to machine where is Direct Admin install. Now i search a good person who can help me with setup Direct Admin and customize cp backup to DA panel. Of corse for $:)
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    trouble with instalation-strange

    Welcome I was buy a license of DA, but when Direct Admin installtaion end i see error: and i don't know what i sgoing on;/ please help
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    Mail subdomain

    Welcome. How can i create mail in subdomain? Example: user@somesubdomains.userhost ? ( Please help