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    server setup

    I've got two machines running DA and have had nothing but problems. I'm thinking that perhaps there is just something we're missing on setup or such. SO.... I'm looking to send one of the servers to someone with expirence to handle all the initial setup. Machine will be formattted and need...
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    SMTP problems

    all emails sent out are being bounced saying the host could not be located (address won't resolve) Error messages are as follows: 2004-11-24 07:44:03 1CWZSs-0008It-Qw == routing defer (-51): retry time not reached 2004-11-24 07:43:43 1CVSP7-0001Xb-0y ==
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    Plugin Developer (integrate existing program into DA)

    KN has a small PHP browser based editor that was done for us awhile ago. I am looking for someone or another company that can turn this into a plugin so that it integrates with DA. Final result should basically verify DA username & password to allow the customer to edit thier own pages...
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    OS Commerce Install DB problem

    Ok so after everyone suggested I decided to try installing OS Commerce...The install runs fine but everytime I try to install a new online store I get the following " Access denied for user: '' (Using password: YES) " Any suggestions?
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    Modernbill Install Problem

    Every time I try to run modern bill it tells me that Zend is not installed, but i've check it and Zend is installed. Under PHPINFO: This program makes use of the Zend Scripting Language Engine: Zend Engine v1.3.0, Copyright (c) 1998-2004 Zend Technologies Any suggestions?
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    E-Commerce Software

    I was wondering if anyone had any advice on specific e-commerce packages and how well they worked with DA. Currently I'm most interested in oscommerce, but still making the decision. Thanx, marque
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    New Mail Account Inaccessible

    I created a new POP account for a user and the password is rejected by any email clients and squirrelmail.... any suggestions? ~marque
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    Looking for PHP Program Integration

    I'm looking for someone to integrate our PHP html editor with direct admin. We need it set so that as soon as a DA user is created the user has the ability to use the Editor for the site they are associated with in DA. I'm also looking for someone to create a unified login (login in once and...
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    new install server now refusing connections on port 110

    I just had DA installed on another server and now it is refusing connections to port 110...before I spend hours trying to trouble shoot anyone have any suggestions.... ~Marque
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    MySQL Admin access

    I can't get access to administer MySQL through the phpmyadmin through a direct url (with DA) that was posted in this forum or through command line. Everytime I get a message saying access denied suggestions??? ~marque
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    I'm starting to realize that one of my biggest problems is that throught he skins interface alot fo the functionality is not available to the admin user. For instance I just spent an hour trying to find where in the world the MySQL Management link was...I only found it when I logged into...
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    Server's Primary Site - DA Recommendation

    I purchased DA in hopes that it would give me a simple system so that I wouldn't have to administer all my servers and do all the setup. I ran into one big problem at least for me. The admin login needs to default to the base website for the server. I have a whole bunch of dedicated servers...
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    Alias changes

    I went into httpd.conf and modified the alias for Squirrelmail and the the change isn't taking effect. The default was listed as Alias /squirrelmail /var/www/html/squirrelmail/ I modified it to Alias /mail /var/www/html/squirrelmail/ Does DA have something that would prevent this from...
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    server domain name (host) file structure

    Maybe I've suddenly forgotten everything I've learned in the last fifteen years BUT.... How in the world do I administer the website for the domain name that is used for the hostname through DirectAdmin. I've gone into the httpd.conf file and the virtual host information seems standard but the...