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    Custombuild MySQL upgrade fails

    I've got an issue whereby MySQL fails to update within the custombuild script. This happens nightly on the cron update, but also manually by hand. It's messed the URLs up somewhere within the script, and no matter whether I update the script or its data, it still fails with the same error...
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    Request: support reads their email

    Hi, About a week, maybe 2 ago, I sent support an email which went ignored. I sent another email a handful of days later asking if they were going to answer me, which also went ignored. So I was wondering, if no one's reading the email anymore, how does one go about...
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    Moving/renaming IMAP folders

    I'm trying to rename some IMAP folders, but Dovecot's refusing to play ball with an error "Renaming not supported across conflicting directory permissions". This is what I get (this comes from Roundcube in IMAP debug mode); [27-Oct-2012 15:15:43 +0000]: [0A8E] S: * OK [CAPABILITY IMAP4rev1...
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    Default MX records and backup MX

    So, I've just enabled dual-stack IPv6 on my system, and was wondering if there was a way of being able to do a couple of things; 1) update everyone's DNS zone files, somehow, automatically, to set the primary MX record to be that of the server's DNS name (where I've setup A and AAAA records...
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    DSBL offline

    Just an FYI, I got a complaint this morning from one of my clients that they weren't receiving any emails. It turns out that the DSBL spam filter is no longer operational, and the nameservers no longer exist. If you use this spam filter, you'll need to comment it out of your /etc/exim.conf...
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    Log emails sent outside of normal methods

    So, I'm in the middle of writing an application for a client, and there's a requirement to use a mass-mailing service. We've settled on Amazon SES, but is there anything in DA I can use to log a number of emails sent at a specific time, and how many were sent? For example, when the software...
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    Message filtering

    Has anyone ever come across a requirement for DA (or something running under DA/Exim) that does something along the lines of what MS Exchange does, in regards to message filtering/rules? e.g; directing messages from a particular email address, or with particular words in the subject to an IMAP...
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    CustomBuild and clamav updates

    Hi, I'm having major issues with custombuild and clamav. I've installed clamav originally with custombuild, and updated it with custombuild on numerous occasions. Though lately it's started being really stupid. Basically, it's not detecting the version that's installed, and the cronjob which...
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    Can't add another MX record in DNS editor?

    I was setting up a secondary/backup MX server, then went to update the DNS to add it against my domains, only to discover that I..well..can't. See here: Then went to look at the existing MX...
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    Range request flaw in all versions of apache

    I'm sure you've probably all heard by now about the Range header flaw that causes apache to eat up all system memory, swap, and start killing processes, essentially rendering the target system useless. There's been many discussions about how to mitigate this attack (as it *is* being used!)...
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    exim upgrade via custombuild

    trying to upgrade exim to 4.76 with custombuild. gives me this: gcc -o exim gcc: auths/auths.a: No such file or directory make[1]: *** [exim] Error 1 make[1]: Leaving directory `/usr/local/directadmin/custombuild/exim-4.76/build-Linux-i386' make: *** [all] Error 2 *** The make has failed...
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    Ubuntu Upgrade

    Hi I'm running Ubuntu 8.10 on my server, and Canonical have deprecated support for it, so apt-get no longer works properly. I'm contemplating upgrading it to 10.04.1 LTS, but I'm just acutely aware that DA might break since it's a binary rather than relying on something like Python, Perl, etc...
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    DDoS attempts?

    I'm finding loads of this in my BIND queries.log file: 29-Jul-2010 22:04:58.519 client query: . IN NS + 29-Jul-2010 22:04:58.598 client query: . IN NS + 29-Jul-2010 22:04:58.761 client query: . IN NS + 29-Jul-2010 22:04:58.837...
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    apt-get upgrade

    do i risk breaking..anything..or everything..if i run an apt-get upgrade?
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    Ok, so I have a portal. And I authenticate my customers with DA's API. I had a link on the top of my portal which the customer could click and it would log them straight into DA. They could manage their DA account from within the window, then logout and the window would close. Basically, I did...
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    Spam Filter update

    Is there any way to update the "definitions" of the spam filter within SpamAssassin (or any spam filter that DA/Exim is using)? Recently more and more spam has started getting through with a low score, so decreasing the score won't help as it'll tag/delete legitimate mail. I'm running the latest...
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    bandwidth/disk history

    hi there, i'm aware of the feature where i can view the bandwidth/disk history of a user from the 1st of the month to the current day, but is there, and where is, an option to view the user's bandwidth/disk history on a month by month basis? i.e, where can i compare a user's bandwidth usage for...
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    sharedip folder

    can anyone tell me what this is for? i'm trying to change the page that's sent when trying to access instead, all i get is "Apache is functioning normally", which is an index.html file in /var/www/html. also vends the same page (neither ip/host has a...
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    pointing to the wrong maillog

    the log viewer in DA is pointing to the wrong maillog file (/var/log/maillog). it should be (on my system (ubuntu) anyway) /var/log/mail.log. is there anyway to change this so this file is viewable from DA's log viewer, or is it a case that i have to ssh in and cat/tail it?
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    vm-POP3 Stopped?

    Hi there, Just been brought to my attention on my server that the POP3 daemon is stopped: however, I can't find a place to start it. Dovecot is running, Exim is running, everything else is running, but there doesn't appear to be any place where I can enable the POP3. Can anyone point me in the...