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    DA staff on vacation?

    Hello, Does someone know if the DA staff is on a holida? because I have opened a license ticket on 4/13/2017 but I still have no reply. Thank you in advance,
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    Central webmail login

    Hello, Can someone explain and help me how other host combine 1 webmail login for multiple server like: or or many other webhosts. If I got multiple server users now login per server. How can I use 1 webmail for multiple server how do the other...
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    Editing Nginx proxy on HTTPD config page in DA

    Hello, I have a issue that I cannot edit 1 NGINX proxy config file for 1 one domain, when I click Nginx proxy: I get: ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE I cannot find anything in directadmin debug mode or error log of directadmin. The...
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    Installed with SQL on CB2?

    Hello, I hope this is the right forum. I have installed DA with custombuild 2.0 and spamassasins. Is the standard install with spamassasing with SQL support becuase I want to use Roundcube with this: Or is there any...
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    Apache error building apache_nginx

    Hello, When I change NGINX to Apache_NGINX I get this error: /sbin/service httpd restart Stopping httpd: [FAILED] Starting httpd: (2)No such file or directory: AH02291: Cannot access directory '/var/log/httpd/domains/' for error log of vhost defined...
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    Disable Dkim for new domains

    Hello, Hope this is the right thread. is there any way to enable Dkim for the server but disable the ./ script for newly created domains? So I want to do it manually for new domains, is this possible? Thank.
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    Safest setup for shared hosting

    Hello, Firstly sorry if this is a bad question. I now have setup a new VPS with this settings: #PHP Settings php1_release=5.4 php1_mode=php-fpm php2_release=5.5 php2_mode=php-fpm suhosin=yes #WEB Server Settings webserver=apache apache_ver=2.4 apache_mpm=auto mod_ruid2=no...
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    Use Spamassassin learn function for all users

    Hello, Hope I posted in the right forum. The function shown here: Is there a way to enable this for all users on a DA box? and also for all new users? Because the guide is showing it for 1 user. Thank you.
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    Cron Job error

    Sorry if this is the wrong forum. I have problems with the cron jobs creation. When I create a cron job I get the error: Error Creating Cron Job Details crontab returned non zero value: "./data/users/admin/crontab.conf.tmp":1: bad command errors in crontab file, can't install. Thanks