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    Afterlogic get supported

    Thanks to Martynas Bendorius (smtalk), we are using for ourselves Afterlogic Lite for 6 months ago now. Its great, and better than SQ, RoundCube, Atmail, etc. Some of our clients are also gratefull for that webmail, but only a few, because DA not officially supported, so no backups for ex. of...
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    licensecube reselling?

    <URL REMOVED> I think this is not legitim because DA not permit resell, isn´t it?
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    change in licenses ?

    Always we can change the IP in a license in A couple of days ago now the IP form is frozen so we can 't change it (we can only change the Linux distro). I sent an email yesterday to support but no answer until now. Anyone knows about this topic?
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    Safe mode auto enable it

    Hi. In our biz usually we disable safemode for a particular domain so, in there, the owner can install joomla or other apps. But then we enable it again 24 or 48 hs after. Manually schedules and set. If where we enable/disable the feature for that domain, figures a tab where we can specify 24...
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    eMail Marketing & Mailing software: FleetMailer

    Hi, we, OutServices, developers of Marina Skin, bought to you FleetMailer, a web based email marketing software that allows you to send permission based mailings as well as newsletters to lists of subscribers. Manage your next campaign using statistical tracking, time sensitive autoresponders...
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    DNS Control error on assign to a reseller

    I moved a resellers (with his own IPs) to another server. When now I try to assign him DNS Control, DA retry me this error "User's System Quotas set An error occurred while writing the ftp files: IP passed and ip in ftp conf file do not match:" I will try to...
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    cron error - system backup

    When I tried to change the schedule od the system backup login in DA this appear: " Error setting the cron: "./data/admin/root_cron.tmp":1: bad day-of-month errors in crontab file, can't install. " Someone had this error?
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    Filemanager shows different than "du"

    Hi. In a user the FileManager script inside DA shows the space used by a folder in 61.5 MB, but if i go by SSH, and execute a "du -sh" command it shows 200 MB.. In windows (ntfs) the folder use 72 MB... It has small files.. but no so much.. can be that difference a cluster cause?
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    Programmer for a antispam plugin

    Hi, We are searching for a programmer. We want to implement a plugin to Directadmin. The plugin has to interact with Directadmin and Exim, its a special antispam filter that we have in mind. Please contact us at info @ Tnankyou!
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    AMD64 & CentOS 4.3

    This is the first time i try to install con 64 bit OS. The installer shows this error, near de end: ************************************* * * * All parts have been installed * * * *************************************...
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    CVS--Concurrent Versions System

    Anyone tried to install this system with DA?
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    more than 250 pointers

    Someone tried to add more thant 250 domains pointers toa domain? here apache get crazy and refuses to load coz strange errors in line 16 of the httpd of that domain
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    users dont show in backup section

    I want to do a backup of my users. But some of them dont show /CMD_USER_BACKUP. Anyone knows in which file i had to manually add the rest of the users? (if there aren't any automated solution)
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    php command under diradmin user

    Today my server is consuming a lot of cpu. Always on top of the process i see: 5730 diradmin 25 0 2888 2888 2036 R 61.8 0.2 0:58 0 php User:diradmin command: php cpu: 61,8% Anyone knows whats this?
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    keep email that the system forward to another domain

    Anyone knows if there are any way to keep the emails in the original account when you setup a forward? for ex: account pop3: the i setup a forward so: goto If i have an pop3 account created, in Ensim, the system keeps the...
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    spamd load

    In a server, time to time spamd keeps loading infinitely with a high cpu use 18265 root 16 0 19996 16M 15964 S 79.6 1.6 5:17 0 spamd I have to restart exim to fix.. provisorily I didnt find any strange... any help?
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    spamassassin not working

    a couple of weeks ago, suddenly, spamassassin stop working.. it works, but not with the user's preferences. All emails came tagged win [spam] and the system dont recognice any change in the user prefs.. this is happening near all servers... anyone is having this problem?
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    Authentication::User Dir: Stat Error:

    Suddenly one of my servers went offline. When rebooted i cannot login to DA (admin/reseller/user). The strange thing is when i put a wrong user/pass the system knows it and puts: "Invalid login. Please verify your Username and Password". And in the /var/log/directadmin/error.log puts...
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    problems that pile theirself....

    There are each day more problems with DA that are not get corretly solved. We are very worried about this.. - System backup. ncftp dont pass more than 1 GB files. When you select that the system delete the local file after the pass it get deleted although the pass was not had success...
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    admin disable tickets, but reseller can send messages to his clients

    That, so the reseller can send messages to his clients. Now when the admin disable the ticket system, the message system for the reseller get disable also (not thhe rerseller ticket system).