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    random bugs

    Just installed DA on a fresh version of FreeBSD8. Noticed a few random bugs along the way... 1) I removed subdomains from 2 domains and had the DNS zones for those domains completely disappear and could not rebuild them. Was forced to restore backups. 2) When restoring backups (Made on a...
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    DA SSL Login

    Has anyone gotten the DA SSL login to work with Firefox? When attemping to log in I get an immediate disconnect. Get the following error in DA's error log: 2005:03:26-00:16:09: empty read - dead from X.X.X.X Everything seems to work fine in IE however...
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    CentOS 3.4 -> 4.0 Upgrade

    Below are the instructions that worked for me to bring a CentOS 3.4 server with DA up to 4.0. Instructions is a variation of this one. Disclaimer: I attempted this upgrade several times both remotely and on local test machines--failing plenty of attempts. The below instructions are what...
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    suEXEC Problem

    I'm trying to run a subdomain as uid/gid 'mail' (CGI Scripts in this directory need to run as this uid/gid to avoid chmod'ing some directories 777) The problem is that any attempt to run cgi as mail results in this error: emerg: cannot get docroot information (/) Can't seem to find much...