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  1. alexelixir

    Error 405 occur when try to connect with server

    Hello everybody I am trying to setup MDM server with the help of this document (Server Setup part only) after setup when we try to install profile in IPHONE it give us 405 error in communication when i further try to digout the problem i found that...
  2. alexelixir

    Default dsa key .. is this normal ?

    Hello Friend's when i logged in i saw [root@server .ssh]# ls id_dsa is this normal coz i never created this this come by default
  3. alexelixir

    Disk quota error

    Error with system Quotas setquota: Mountpoint (or device) / not found or has no quota enabled. setquota: Not all specified mountpoints are using quota. i try with this my fstab ia having none /dev/pts devpts rw,gid=5,mode=620 0...
  4. alexelixir

    httpd error after updating

    just installed and updated everything and after update i got this error # service httpd start Starting httpd: AH00534: httpd: Configuration error: No MPM loaded. i try to solve this by ./build apache ./build php n nut not working using centos 5.7 mod_php +modruid2 php 5.4.8
  5. alexelixir

    Recently upgraded the php of my server and facing file uploading issue

    Dear All recently i upgraded to my php 5.2.17 in 5.4.6 and my php stop working and give me this error Warning: move_uploaded_file(./Desktop.ini): failed to open stream: Permission denied in /home/****/****.php on line 11 line 11 is here...
  6. alexelixir

    PHP file not working on server

    Hi all When i execute the php file it show blank page and when i check view source it show the php code i do restart http service custombuild and upgrade the php 5.4.6 and then restart the http service and nothing works how can we fix this issue
  7. alexelixir

    Block all indian ip to connect with my vps

    Hi all i wnat to block all indian ip to connect with my server how can i do this ?
  8. alexelixir

    Disk quota error in one account (directadmin 1.40.3)

    Hi i am running directadmin 1.40.3 one user account show wrong disk quota when i checked space the file is having 5 gb but directadmin says 8 gb space used how can i fix this issue
  9. alexelixir

    how to increase the no of login history in login.hist file

    in my vps only last 6-7 days login history save in login.hist file how can i increase this limit
  10. alexelixir

    how can i see the user login log in directadmin panel

    i have one vps and i created 4 user is their any way to see that which user log in by which ip suggest me how can i do this by log file or any other way also accepted
  11. alexelixir

    can i bind the ip's with the account

    can i bind the ip's with the user account so that the particular user log in only their mentioned ip all other ip rejected even they have the valid username and password