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    Can You Recommend Any Self-Hosted, Open-Source SMTP System

    Hello, I am looking for a self-hosted email system like SendGrid. The system should help me with: Build IP reputation, monitor, and scale. Opening and link click tracking. Ability to hold potential spam emails for manual review. Ability to automatically block/hold emails based on conditions...
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    DirectAdmin in HTTP/2

    Hi, Is there any way to use HTTP/2 for the DA control panel itself? A quick example is that is HTTP/1.1.
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    Netdata Disk Read and Disk Write + CloudLinux

    Hello Community, I have installed Netdata through CustomBuild and directly as well. See the demo here at You can see Disk Read and Disk Write. When I installed Netdata before installing CloudLinux OS 8, I can see Disk Read and Disk Write. But once I converted...
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    Email Login Problem with Mail Clients

    Hello Community, I can log in to webmail of my emails, but when I configure IMAP and SMTP with Mozilla Thunderbird or any other email clients, I am unable to login to the email account. I have tried multiple IMAP/SMTP ports, and all ports are open (995, 143, 465, 25 and 587). I don't think...
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    I need exim to send all outbound email through a remote mail server

    Hello, I am trying to work on I have created two new VPS, one with Port 25 blocked and second with Port 25 opened. I have installed DA yesterday on these two VPSs. I assume that I need to make these changes to my primary DA server and not the...
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    How to Configure Nginx Reverse Proxy Cache?

    Hello Community, I wish to set up Nginx Caching for both dynamic and static files if it is cacheable. I am using Nginx + Apache. Since DA doesn't offer any GUI options like, I tried to...
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    Server IP Change Limit

    Hello, In my DA Client Area, My Licenses page, I see Server IP with a limit. I see 3/5 there. What will happen once I hit the 5/5? Won't I be able to change the IP address again?
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    Let's Encrypt Has Issued a Billion Certificates

    Who would've guessed that in just four years, a small yet determined group of folks who set out to build a better Web would have issued 1,000,000,000 TLS certificates to do just that? The Web is now 1 billion certificates stronger than it's ever been. A Billion Thanks to Let's Encrypt...
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    My named service is not starting

    Hello, My named service is not starting. I see /usr/bin/systemctl start named.service 2>&1 as the error message.
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    WordPress Toolkit in DirectAdmin

    Hello, Plesk WordPress Toolkit seems very impressive, and cPanel will have this feature soon. WordPress Toolkit helps to manage multiple WP instances easily. I think we can manage Managed WPs with such tools. Can we have this type of features in DirectAdmin?
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    Node Apps images are 404 when Cache-Control Header presents

    Hello all, I am trying to enable Cache-Control Header and in Nginx (reverse). location ~* \.(js|css|png|jpg|jpeg|gif|svg|ico)$ { expires 30d; add_header Cache-Control "public, no-transform"; } WordPress sites and other sites are working as expected. But I have a Node JS app, that calls...
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    DA logout when I reload the browser tab

    Hello, I see that when I reload the browser tab using the browser's reload icon, I get logged out automatically from DA. I can go through any pages with a long time idle-time, and I don't get logged out. But this reloading is kicking out instantly. Anyone facing this issue? Any possible...
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    Is it safe to use Pre-release in a production server

    Hello all, Is it safe to use Pre-release in a production server? Are pre-release binaries considered as nightly builds?
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    The little dot/point/period/. in DNS Manager is a nightmare

    Hello, The DNS Management settings, especially the little dot/point/period/. Whatever we call it takes the hell lot of my time and causing user frustration. In DA, we need to add the dot at the end of almost every values. If the dot isn't presented, then the value would point to something...
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    Access website using username

    Hello, I have seen the option to enable or disable accessing websites via ~username somewhere is DA Admin settings. But I can't see that option now. When I tried, it redirects to the IP.